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24 inch Deluxe Y Wall Mount Antenna Bracket EZ30-24

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EZ 30-24 Deluxe Y Wall Mount Antenna Bracket with 24" Standoff and 3rd Leg
Easy Up
Price: $27.95
Mfr. Code: EZ 30-24


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Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
24 inch Stand-Off
"Y" Type Configuration
Galvanized Finish
3rd Leg Stability
Hardware Included
Made in the USA!

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EZ 30-24 24" Stand-off, Deluxe "Y" Wall Mount with 3rd Leg
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
For Mounting of Antenna Masts from 1 inch to 1.75 inches in Outside Diameter and up to 10 feet in Height (Depending on size of Antenna!). 2 inch Hardware included. Professional Grade, Sturdy (Mast not Included).

This Series of Wall Mount Brackets for Antenna Masts is unique. Not only can you Mount the Antenna and Mast to the wall and have enough Clearance to make it past the Overhang of the roof, but it has a Third leg (I don't know any other way to describe it!) on the Bottom Bracket that takes the weight leverage off the Normal "W" or "Y" Bracket and transfers it to the Wall where it belongs. If You've ever Installed a Large TV Antenna Outdoors, you know exactly what I mean! It can accomodate from 1.25 inch diameter Masting for antennas (which is normal), up to 1.75 inch diameter safely with the 2 inch long Hardware that is supplied. If you are Installing 2 inch or greater diameter masts or any mast greater than 10 feet in height, use the "W" Version Brackets instead and run the Mast length all the way to the Ground, resting the weight on a Mast Ground Plate and affix an Earth Ground there with a 5/8 inch diameter, 8 foot long Ground Rod as a minimum. The Design concept differs greatly from the Channel Master CM-9034 and CM-9036 in that the Easy-Up models have a 3rd leg that is tubular (Rigid) and provides for support from the bottom of the Bracket; transfering the weight and down force of the mast and HDTV Antenna to the wall it is affixed to through the attachment made. The Screws utilized for this attachment are not being pulled upon, but rather pressed upon; which is more effecient. The CM-9034 and CM-9036 rely on the 3rd leg pulling from the wall above the actual attachment clamping to the mast the supports the HDTV antenna. When pulling from the wall, the force applies solely to the screw method used to affix the 3rd leg of the Bracket to the wall. When the screw and moly or butterfly pulls out, the resulting down force on the bracket leverages the remaining screws out of the wall as well; resulting in mounting failure.

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
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