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Deep Cabinet Enclosures

27u | 33" Deep Equipment Cabinet with 4 Fans VMP EREN-27E1K

27u | 33" Deep Equipment Cabinet with 4 Fans  VMP EREN-27E1K
Manufacturer Code: EREN-27E1K
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42u | 33" Deep Equipment Enclosure with 4 Fans VMP EREN-42E1K

Manufacturer Code: EREN-42E1K
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Deep Cabinet Enclosures

New Deep Cabinet Enclosures

The EREN Series has been designed for use with a multitude of security, audio, video, and communication components, and the EREN-27E1K is the newest member of 19-inch equipment rack enclosure family.

The EREN-27E1K has a usable depth of 33 inches and a durable load capacity of 1,300 lbs., making it perfect for just about any and every need.

The cost-effective, portable, and fully welded EREN family of 19-inch equipment rack enclosures has been designed for installations where protected components are a necessity. The EREN Series, which comes complete with integrated cooling fans and lockable, removable side panels allows for the organization of multiple electronic components, while at the same time protecting them from thermal issues, as well as damage or theft.