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Digicon D6 Type II RG-6 Cable F Connector

Manufacturer Code253120
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360 degree conical compression
Weather-tight termination
Digicon Type II
Use only Digicon Swedge Compression Tool

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Digicon D-6 Type II RG6 Coaxial Cable "F" Connector
For use on 60% and Tri-Shield coaxial cable, featuring a 360 degree compression seal. In the Digicon Type-II "F" connector, the die that creates the compression swedge is located in the compression tool. The durable brass connector body is tin-plated for corrosion resistance and includes a large ferrule contact surface to ensure a proper RF and digital interface. Moisture migration at the mandrel nut is prevented with a lubricated internal O-ring. A permanent water barrier at the F-connector base is created with machined brass sealing rings located in the final compression taper. The nickel-plated connector nut is larger than standard connector nuts for increased moisture resistance. Install with Digicon compression tools designed for Digicon Type-II F-connectors ONLY (not designed for use with a Hex Crimper Tool).
Use Compression Tool RTC-360, Part Number 202482.
See the PCT TRS-6, PPC EX6XL and T&B SNS1P6U Universal Shield RG6 Connector Replacements for this Connector...

NoteAs this connector does not meet current SCTE Specifications, we encourage you to peruse the selection of Universal Connectors Below!
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RG-6 Cable Connector

After WWII, 75 Ohm cable has been used as the Transmission Line of Choice for TV, Cable TV and Broadband Signals, Distribution Systems large and small, simply because of its plentiful abundance. As the Industry progressed, It seems there were 10 times as many Connectors as there was Coaxial Cable types, each requiring a Proprietary style of Tool to Fashion the connection with. Most Folks We know stick to using the Connector style that they were introduced to, and the Manufacturer, Make and Model that they have invested in via the Compression or Crimp Tool they own. Whereas before, when each manufactured cable type introduced was paired up with a specific Model Connector from one or several different Manufacturers, many have now settled on providing Connectors whose Braid, Shield and Jacket coverage range is broader in scope, encompassing the designed ability to fit many variations of a particular sized cable. Becoming Universal certainly has its advantages... And RG6 is now the minimum size recommended for any HDTV Satellite, Off-Air DTV or Satellite TV Install. So please consider a transitional investment towards the Universal RG6 Compression Connectors and Universal Compression Tools we offer, as the sourcing of those out-dated Connectors becomes more difficult!