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EZ TS-50 Free-Standing Ground Mount

Manufacturer CodeEZ TS-50


Fits masts up to 2.25"

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EZ TS-50 Free Standing Ground Mount - Up to 2-1/4"

Free-standing Ground Mount - fits masts up to 2-1/4"
18" 3/4" rod welded on 9 x 9" 11 gauge plate; with an 18" tube welded above; includes 2 set screws to hold mast.

Accepts Mast Up To: 2.25 in
Tubing Size: 18 in
Plate Size: 9 x 9 in
Weight: 7 lb


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Michael (Guest)
Very Nice!
What this product does is it eliminates the need to dig a deep hole to erect a television antenna mast. You still need to use stand off's that attach to your mast and to your home. I live in a mobile home and this is perfect, along with using 18" stand offs attached to the home and mast. You might get away with using 4" stand offs, but the larger 18" ones are much more sturdy. I highly recommend the EZ TW-50 Ground Mount! It is awesome!

Telescopic Antenna Mast Mounts

It is Important to choose a Mount and Mounting Location with a Picture of the Finished Installation in Mind. Be Sure to First select a location that lends itself to applying a Load without Compromising the Integrity of the Material you affix to. Most Decorative Finishes most often do not have the Strength to Hold a Weight or Pressure without fail. Further, Think about what's underneath the exterior. Is it stronger, or will it yield to Pressure over time also? Weather Proof the Installation to Maintain the Integrity of your Home. Next consider the Location over a Lifetime of Adjustments, does it lend itself to modifications in Height or Direction? Larger Antennas increase the surface area presented to air movement, Hence, Wind-load does increase. As the length of the mast increases from Its last attached point on the structure, the torque applied in cantilever also increases with Weight and Wind-Load, requiring a more substantive attachment and Load-Bearing material. Keep the Distance Minimal from the Antenna to the TV's and Equipment you feed, as to minimize loss and the need for Amplification.


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