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Heavy Duty HDG Pole to Pole Mast Mount KIT 1-25" OD to 4.00" OD

Manufacturer Code3S-HD-PTP-6
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship Canada



Supported OD Pipe diamaters:

MIN  1.25" -  MAX 4.25"

1/2" x 12" HDG Treaded Rods 

Made in the USA!
Made in the USA!

Bulk Quantities Available Here!

3S-HD-PTP-6  Heavy Duty HDG Pole to Pole Mast Mount 1.25" to 4.25" OD 

Heavy duty pole to pole mast mount. Attaches two pieces of tubing, antenna mast or pipe together. Both clamps are the same size and can clamp onto an outside diameter between 1.25" OD to 4.25" OD. The pipes can be of different diameters just as long as they are within that range. (For example you can attach a 1.25" OD antenna mast to a 4.25" OD mast.). These pole to pole mounts are perfect for attaching a smaller diameter extension pole to a larger base pole to get that extra height. The mounts are alligator style, which allows them to attach firmly to almost any kind of wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic pole. They are Hot Dipped Galvanized  ( HDG ) for superior weather protection making them great for outdoor use where weather conditions are wet. Comes with 2 x  1/2' x 12' HDG Treaded Rods with nuts , washers & locs washers .

4 - HD alligator 6 inch wide HDG clamps
2 - 12" thrd HDG  rods
8 - HDG nuts , Washers & Loc Washers

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The Pole to Pole & Crossover mounts are designed to support most WiFi , PCS, Cellular, and TV antennas. The Pole to Pole Mounts allows you to vary the mounting pipe length and diameter, 

All of our mounts are weather protected using either a HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) or a Pre-Galvanization finishing process for corrosion protection.

The pole to pole mounts allow you to connect one pole or mast to an adjacent pole or mast of the same or of varying diameter. 

You can increase the amount of strength and holding power by utilizing multiple mounts space out over the length of the mounting pipe. There are many reasons you might need to use these mounts and they mostly involve the need to attach a pole to another pole to either extend the original or simply as an attachment point. 

All of our pole to pole mounts can easily be shipped UPS.