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LCD-2 Universal LCD Monitor Table & Desk Mount

Manufacturer CodeLCD-2
* Can be attached as a Clamp-On
   or Bolt Through Mount
   with parts provided
* Holds most 10 to 23 inch LCD Monitors
* Accommodates Monitors with
   75 or 100 mm VESA standards
* Rotates 360 degrees at base and
   has adjustable minus 5 to plus 30 degree tilt
* Force arm is adjustable
   0 to 60 degree forward tilt
* Load Capacity is 25 lbs.
* Silver Powder Coat Finish

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<FONT size=2><STRONG>Video Mount Products <FONT color=red>LCD-2</FONT> Universal LCD Monitor Table &amp; Desk Mount</STRONG><BR>Desk or Counter-Top Swivel Mount Holds Most 10 to 23 inch&nbsp;LCD Monitors up to 25 lbs. with 75 and&nbsp;100 mm VESA Standards. The&nbsp;Mount Clamps or attaches at Base with a&nbsp;360 degree Rotation and a Tilt Angle of&nbsp;minus 5&nbsp;to&nbsp;plus 30&nbsp;degrees with additional&nbsp;Force Arm Adjustment&nbsp;of&nbsp;0 to 60&nbsp;degrees forward Tilt.&nbsp;This Mount has a&nbsp;Load capacity&nbsp;of&nbsp;25 lbs. and comes in a&nbsp;Silver powder coat finish or&nbsp;a Scratch Resistant Black Finish (see Option control above Quantity select). This mount&nbsp;is designed to attach to&nbsp;a Suitable load-bearing&nbsp;Counter Top, Desk Surface&nbsp;or other suitable support Surface and&nbsp;primarily composed of&nbsp;Formed steel with Nylon filled Nuts. </FONT>
<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><A href="" target=_blank ALT="Installation Sheet"><IMG height=64 alt="Installation Sheet" hspace=5 src="" width=64 align=left vspace=5 border=0></A>&nbsp;<BR><BR><BR><BR><A href="" target=_blank ALT="Installation Sheet">Installation Sheet</A> </P></TD>
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