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LM-400 75 Foot Coaxial Cable With SMA / N / PL-259 Connectors

Manufacturer CodeLM400PL75
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3 Star LMR400PL75 LMR-400 75 Foot Coaxial Cable with SMA / N / PL-259 Connectors
LMR-400 coaxial cable in 75 foot length, pre-connectorized with SMA / N / PL-259 Connectors on both ends features low loss, is flexible and has good weatherability.


Specification Sheet

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LMR-400 is a 3/8 inch 50 Ohm low loss braided coaxial cable provides excellent performance for high power HF needs or VHF/UHF applications when used for WISP, WLL, GPS, LMR, mobile antennas and 802.11, WLAN and has a lower loss when compared to RG-8 and RG-213. LMR-400 is the same size as RG-213, yet typically enjoys better specifications when compared to other RG-8 coaxial cable through inclusion of bonded aluminum tape and gas filled dialectric in its manufacture. The bonded aluminum tape outer conductor is overlapped to provide 100% coverage, supported by a 90 percent braided shield, providing around >90 dB RF shielding (>180 dB crosstalk) and superior interference immunity against ingress and egress. LMR-400 features a bare copper center conductor, with 100 percent foil and 88 percent braided shield coverage preventing loss. It is stiffer than the LMR-240 UltraFlex, due to its solid center conductor.