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3 Star Inc 856

3 Star Inc

3 Star Inc. is "Your Communications Infrastructure Super Store" We've got the best prices, the fastest shipping, the largest in stock inventory. From towers to connectors. We carry great brands like Rohn, Antronix, ARRIS, CommScope plus we manufacture our own products too. So we have your cables amplifiers, antenna mounts, line jacks, mounting plates all in stock right now. No matter what application weather it's LAN, WAN and OSP Cable, Vaults or you are the installer, we have the materials you need and fast. With real people and with real experience, over 30 years of experience, to answer your questions so you can get the job done..

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ACT has been ISO-9002 registered since 1999 and recently acquired an upgrade to ISO-9001:2000 by the Quality Management Institute. ACT is a fully automated state-of-the-art molding facility. We manufacture superior nylon cable ties that combine the lowest insertion force with the highest tensile strength. All ACT products meet the UL (1565), and CSA (C22.2) safety standards in both the U.S. and Canada, as well as U.S. Military (Mil-S-23190) standards.

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Allen Tel Products 1

Allen Tel Products

Allen Tel Products has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing custom design products for the communications industry. Our Engineering Provides a variety of innovative designed products to the communication industry for over 50 years, in which many of these items have become industry standards. Our highly trained customer service department is available to answer questions and supply information.

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Antronix 5


Features state of the art addressable multitaps for multiple dwelling units, various line passives, subscriber passives and amplifiers, grounding hardware and a variety of in-house products.

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Arlington Industries Inc 13

Arlington Industries Inc

Arlington makes more individual zinc die cast line items than anyone else, and they're still the only independent electrical fittings manufacturer with injection molding capability for producing non-metallic fittings in-house.

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ARRIS is a global communications technology company specializing in the design and engineering of broadband networks.

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Arrow Fastener Company 2

Arrow Fastener Company

Arrow Fastener Products are the De-Facto Standard of Commercial Grade Fasteners by which all others are compared to.

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Aska 18


The experience and history behind ASKA Communication Corp. began back in the early 60s, engineering and marketing for a Japanese Trading company specializing in the electronics parts and accessories for Tv & Off Air Antenna products.

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Avlite Systems 10

Avlite Systems provide an extensive range of LED obstruction lights and obstruction lighting solutions to clearly mark structures such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and tall structures.

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Cable & Wire Shop 4

Cable & Wire Shop

Cable & Wire Shop is now part of 3 Star Inc.

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CablePrep 1

Headquartered in Chester, Connecticut, Cable Prep was founded in 1979 as Ben Hughes Communication Products Company. Since that time, Cable Prep brand tools have been setting the industry standard for performance, reliability, and ease of use.

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Cambridge Resources 1

Cambridge Resources

Cambridge Resources has long been a leading source of premium quality cable management products to America’s foremost companies. Our unmatched value combines superior performance from UL compliant products, a state-of-the-art ISO-9001:2000 manufacturing facility, industry-leading customer support and service, and competitive pricing. Cambridge’s extraordinary customer satisfaction ratings and a track record of consistent growth and success validates our reputation as the industry leader.

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Coleman Cable Inc 1

Coleman Cable Inc

Coleman Cable, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and innovator of wire and cable products, servicing the electrical, electronic and automotive markets. With extensive design and production capabilities and a long-standing dedication to customer service, Coleman Cable, Inc. is the preferred choice of cable and wire users throughout the world.

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CommScope 31


What Technology Makes Possible – CommScope Makes a Reality™ CommScope Broadband Products Group offers a complete line of products engineered specifically for HFC networks...

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Construct Pro 16

Construct Pro
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Corning Gilbert 1

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Eagle Aspen 3

Eagle Aspen

Eagle Aspen is Pro Brand International, Inc.; committed to bringing quality products with a price & technology advantage to our customers and practicing this business philosophy since 1983 as a pioneer in the satellite industry.

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Electroline 1


Since its inception in 1953, Electroline's mission has been to provide innovative products that both improve operations and meet the evolving requirements of the cable telecommunications marketplace.

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Gripple 6


Wire salesman Hugh Facey invented the original "Gripple" wire tensioner and joiner after a 1986 conversation with a Welsh farmer. The first Gripple was launched in the UK in 1988 and Gripple Ltd was established in 1991.

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Holland 110


For over 20 years, Holland Electronics LLC has a reputation as an innovator in the CATV, SMATV, Satellite, Wireless and Fiber Optic markets specializing in connectivity, broadband distribution, head-end & installation accessories.

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Joslyn 10


Joslyn Mfg. Co., Inc. is an industrial thermoformer specializing in the design, tooling and production of plastic components.

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MacLean 17


MacLean Senior Industries (MSI), formed by the merging of the communications business of MacLean Power Systems with Senior Industries, offers the most comprehensive line of Pole Line, Drop and Grounding & Bonding Hardware; Connectors; and Anchors to the Telephone, CATV and SATV markets, as well as a full line of proven Electronic Components and Products.

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MCR Group 3

MCR Group

MCR manufacturers components and modules utilized in the structured wire, smart home, medical telemetry, cable TV, satellite and telephone industries.

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PCT 14


PCT is a market leader in each product segment it has explored in the past 8 years. It continues now with 2 new initiatives designed to tackle commercial services over optics and the home/commercial structured wiring market.

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Perfect Vision 2

Perfect Vision

Perfect 10 is a privately-owned corporation serving the product distribution needs of thousands of independent satellite television dealers nationwide since 1979. Perfect 10 provides top-quality satellite products, leading-edge dealer support programs, and Legendary Customer Service.

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Pico Macom 2

Pico Macom

Pico Macom’s reputation as a world-class manufacturer of broadband delivery solutions has spanned more than 40 years and continues strong year after year.

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PPC, a division of John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc., is a privately held and family operated company that has been manufacturing precision products for more than 65 years.

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Preformed Line Products 10

Preformed Line Products

Founded in 1947, Preformed Line Products (PLP) serves four distinct core markets: communications, energy, special industries and solar. PLP is an international designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, high-speed cross-connect devices and hardware for the solar industry.

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Qintar 1


Qintar Technologies is a United States based company building quality OEM and private label components, circuit boards, sub-assemblies, finished products and custom products in Asia.

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Quality Cable Electronics 2

Quality Cable Electronics

Cable television equipment | Satellite television equipment Wireless broadband equipment | Video MMDS material

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Regal 9


Regal Topless Coaxial Cable Splitters have an ergonomic design for quick and easy installation into network interface enclosures, promoting installation into smaller, less expensive and obtrusive enclosures.

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ROHN Products LLC 947

ROHN Products LLC

ROHN products have been a staple of the telecommunications industry for over 40 years and enjoy a longstanding reputation for quality. We are proud to add ROHN products and accessories to our already extensive list of products and services.

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Signal Vision 3

Signal Vision

In the early 1970's, dramatic changes were developing within the Cable Television Industry. There was becoming an increasing need for a company that would drive the growth and financial success of the CATV industry.

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Skywalker Communications 35

Skywalker Communications

Different from most, we consider ourselves to be a hybrid company focused on not only bringing you popular name brand products for distribution, but we also private label and manufacture over 10 high quality categories of custom AV products & tools.

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Structured Cable Products 148

Structured Cable Products

Structured Cable Products (SCP) is a manufacturer of high quality structured wiring products, security, fire alarm, audio, CCTV, coaxial, LAN cable and accessories.

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Thomas & Betts 17

Thomas & Betts

From power transmission lines crisscrossing the countryside to local service entrance connections to outlet boxes behind the wall and electrical conduit in the ceiling, our products help control the flow of power and data...

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Times Fiber Communications 25

Times Fiber Communications

Times Fiber Amphenol is a global manufacturer of high quality cables, fiber optic management equipment, and interconnect products for cable television, satellite, data, and powering applications for broadband communications networks. World headquarters are in Walilngford, CT with operations located in Virginia, Connecticut, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and China exporting to more than 100 countries around the globe.

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Times Fiber Corporation 3

Times Fiber Corporation

Ideas That Work... For over 50 years, Times Fiber Communications has been a leading supplier to the telecommunications industry.

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Trilogy Communications 8

Trilogy Communications

Trilogy Communications manufactures advanced technology coaxial cables for Cellular, PCS, Paging and Networking applications worldwide. Our ISO-9001: 2008 manufacturing plants and corporate offices are located in the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area.

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For half a century, TVC has provided the products and technical support that have helped build our country’s communications infrastructure. Today, TVC serves the entire United States, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

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Universal Towers 91

Universal Towers

Universal Towers

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Vertical Cable 12

Vertical Cable

Vertical Cable is a performance-value leader in network connectivity and cable management and internationally recognized for bringing value, quality and technology together.

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Video Mount Products 182

Video Mount Products

VMP is the mounting systems company of choice for professionals; installed in thousands of schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, houses of worship, businesses, residences, and security installations throughout the world...

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ViewSonics 2


The EMERSON offering of standard and custom cables are designed to supply our customers with a complete connectivity solution. These assemblies are constructed to meet and exceed industry standards.

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Winegard Company, incorporated in 1954, has been a leading manufacturer of quality television reception products for over 50 years. During those years, we have made important contributions to the growth and development of the television industry, becoming a respected world leader in the design of innovative, quality products.

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