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ROHN 45GSR Complete 120 Foot 110 MPH Guyed Tower R-45GSR110R120

ROHN 45GSR Complete 120 Foot 110 MPH Guyed Tower R-45GSR110R120
Price: $14,976.00


Hot Dip Galvanized
Flanged Bolted Joints
Zig-Zag Rod Bracing
1-1/4" Solid Steel Tubing Side Rails
16-3/4" Equalateral
Triangular Design
Can be used in:
Guyed Config

Availability: Call to Order or Request Quote
Weight: 3960 lb

ROHN 45GSR Complete 120 Foot 110 MPH (REV. G) Guyed Tower

This Product Order Supplies the Following BOM (Less Foundation and Installation) in accordance for use as a 120 Foot ROHN 45GSR Tower with EPA's (Effective Projected Area) Ratings for 110 MPH (REV. G). Refer to Larger Image for EPA Information.

(6) 45GSR20
(6) 45GS-JBK
(1) 45GSRSB
(3) GA45GD
(725') 1/4EHS
(475') 142265
(12) BG2144
(6) BG2146
(12) 3/8THH
(6) 7/16THH
(3) 5/8TBE&J
(6) 1/2TBE&J
(3) GAC3455TOP
(3) CPC.5/.75
(1) ACWS

This 45GSR Tower is to be used in a Guyed Configuration according to Specifications in the ROHN Catalog. As a Guyed Structure, a 110 MPH rated Tower can rise to a maximum of 350 feet. Refer to ROHN catalog for Foundation and Grounding Detail Information. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section at Bottom of Page for more ROHN 45GSR Tower Details.

Specification Sheet
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wind speed rating 110