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ROHN 25G Tower Section Top Cap - 25AG5

ROHN 25G Tower Section Top Cap - 25AG5
Price: $245.00


Hot Dip Galvanized
Double Bolted Joints
Zig-Zag Rod Bracing
1-1/4" Steel Tubing
Side Rails
12-1/2" Equalateral
Triangular Design
Can be used in:
Guyed Self Supporting
Bracketed Config.s

Availability: Ships in 1 to 3 Days
Shipping: Can ship only within USA
Weight: 50 lb
ROHN 25AG5 8 Foot 3.5 inch (2.75" O.D.) Tower Top Cap Section
The 25AG5 consists of 14 gauge walls with 5 bays of bracing and swaged, double-bolted connections. The Pinnacle of this Section is Capped with a 14 AWG wall Tube (2.75" O.D & 2.50" I.D.), protruding approx. 0 inches above the apex of the side rails.
1 25AG5 Top Cap Tower Section - 2.75" O.D.
1 25AJBK Bolt Kit for (25G) Top Tower Section


This Rohn section is used to top off the 25G tower. The 25AG5 is available in a 8 Foot 3.5 inch section length. This tower uses double bolted joints which are proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. Featuring a 12-1/2" equilateral triangular design, the 25AG5 is constructed of extra heavy duty 1-1/4" steel tubing side rails with continuous solid steel rod bracing. Each 8'-3.5" section is shipped containing all required nuts and bolts inside one leg. The 25G tower can be used in guyed, self-supporting or bracketed configurations according to specifications in the ROHN catalog. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section below for ROHN 25G Tower Details.

spec. sheet

Spec. Sheet

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The 2.75 inch Outside Diameter Mast Tube at the Pinnacle of the Rohn 25AG5 Top Cap Section means approx. 2-9/16 inch Inside Diameter. Masting mounted inside 18 inch long Tube would be secured by 2 Set Screws built onto the Tubing.