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Commscope 2-Way Horizontal Port Splitter 1 GHz

Commscope 2-Way Horizontal Port Splitter 1 GHz
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5-1000 MHz. Bandwidth
41 dB port-to-port isolation*
35 dB output return loss*
Low intermodulation design
Enhanced Sub Band Performance
Capacitor Decoupled
6 kV Survivability
100% soldered backplate
Flat End F-ports
*(Return Band)

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Commscope SV2G 2-way 1 GHz Coaxial Cable TV Antenna Signal Splitter
Use the Same 2-way splitter your Cable TV Company uses, like this Signal Vision Series 1 GHz 2-way Indoor / Outdoor CATV Coaxial Drop Cable Splitter by CommScope that offers exceptional performance and long-term reliability for 2nd TV installations, particularly in systems with cable modem applications. Signal Vision by CommScope provides significant advantages in center conductor retention, surface contact area, and electrical performance with solder-back or tongue-and-groove backplates. They offer Superior intermodulation distorion and second harmonic performance with Excellent return loss and port-to-port isolation in the return band. They can withstand a 6 kV surge, guaranteed second order harmonics performance after 5 surges to each port of 6kV (per IEEE.C62.41.1991 Category A3). Tin-plated backplate provides minimum -130 dB shielding effectiveness and superior defense against long-term corrosion factors. Expect -60 dBmV spurious signals and 2nd harmonics with a +55 dBmV input carrier. Weather-sealed “F” ports are Machine threaded and Flat.

spec. sheet

Spec. Sheet

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This is one of the same 2-way Splitters that Comcast uses. Its Plated Housing is Soldered Closed and Sealed from the Environment, as well as Transient and Spike Voltage Resistant. The Finish is designed to Resist Corrosion due to Weather. It will pass 1 GigaHertz worth of Forward and Return signals; making it perfect for Splitting Cable TV with High-Speed Internet and Pay per View DVR Box Connection Signals. The Voltage Protection also makes it suitable for splitting HD TV Antenna Signals as well. The Flat "F" Connector ends means that the connection to the RG coaxial cable you use (RG-6 or RG-11) is solid, secure and doesn't slip or back off after tightened with appropriate force (most Coaxial Cable Manufacturers specify in inch/pounds). When making RG-6 or RG-11 cable connections outside, a weather boot covering and some sort of Silicone compound are highly recommended.