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HOLLAND HDA-1000 1 Giga Hertz 34 db Gain Amplifier

HOLLAND HDA-1000 1 Giga Hertz 34 db Gain Amplifier
Price: $129.95

Lo Distortion, Hi Channel
34 dB Gain
Wide Frequency
Range (54-1000 MHz)
Passive Return (5-42 MHz)
Push-Pull, SMD Circuitry
High Output

Availability: Ships out in 1 -2 days!
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 3.4 lb
Holland HDA-1000 HDTV DTV 34 dB Gain/ Passive Return Digital CATV Amplifier
The HDA-1000 is a unique amplifier combining the features of our push-pull high output designs with a wide 1000 MHz range, making this amplifier applicable to CATV, Hi Speed Internet and TV Antenna Home and Office distribution. (Forward Gain 34 dB Return Gain -2.5 dB). The “SMD” surface mount design insures reliability and performance at the highest frequencies. This Amplifier is for Indoor or Environmentally Protected Shelter use only.

spec. sheet

Spec. Sheet

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If you have a very large home (maybe with separate additions) or a MDU property with 10's and 100's of outlets like Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Motels and the like!!! This is the Distribution amplifier you've been looking for. It is return band passive to maintain Modem and Subscriber set-top terminal connections. In addition, it comes with an adjustable Gain control, so you can find that sweet spot and save (in reserve) some gain for future additions and signal splitters, or balance the amplifier out to feed another amp at the other end of a cable segment to extend your systems reach to another building. With HD Digital Signals, the Signal Level is actually lower than the analog, and with increased Channel Capacity, not enough is there to feed your SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) or MATV (Master Antenna TV System with Off-Airs only) Distribution System. Check Your Picture quality where the Cable TV feed enters your complex, if it's good there, you can replace connectors, cable and splitters to bring your installation up to the newest specifications. If you are feeding numerous TV sets with Set-Top Converters or Digital Boxes with Pay Per View Movies (this Amp can feed Ton's o' TV's), Cable Modems and/or long Distances, use this Amplifier before the Splitter to maintain Signal Quality. If the Picture quality is Poor at the Feed point of your property (the Cable Company usually has a gray box used as a Demarcation Point for this Purpose), call your Cable TV Company, so they can effect repair.