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RG6 Single Coax Cable with Ground 1000 FT

RG6 Single Coax Cable with Ground 1000 FT
Price: $73.95

Copper Clad Steel
With Ground Cable
1000 FT

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Weight: 35 lb

1000 FT Skyline SKL1283B RG6 Copper Clad Coaxial Cable

Skyline CCS RG-6 single coax, with 17awg messenger wire attached, black, 1000ft reel-in-box. This RG-6 coaxial cable is swept to 3.0 GHz. It has 60% aluminum braid and 100% aluminum foil. The center conductor is 18awg copper clad steel. UV inhibitor jacket..

Product Details

  • 18 awg Copper Clad Steel
  • 60% Aluminum braid
  • 100% Aluminum foil
  • 17awg ground wire
  • Temperature rating: -20°C
  • Velocity of Propagation: 83%
  • Professional Grade
  • Digital and analog applications
  • DBS, CATV, Off-Air, & VSAT
  • Swept-tested to 3GHz
  • Footage marked
  • U/V Inhibitor
  • 1000 feet
  • Reel-in-Box
  • Color: black

Note: 60% Shield - CCTV and Limited Distance Wideband Cable for Computers, Broadband, CCTV, MATV, CATV. RG6 3 GHz Copper Clad Steel Coaxial Cable. The 18 AWG CCS Conductor Coax Cable has 60% Braid Outer Shield to Protect the Video/Radio Frequency Signal(s). It provides ample conductance for most BaseBand and Video applications up to 100 feet in length without Amplification.