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ROHNJACK G Series Tower Assembly & Disassembly Tool

ROHNJACK G Series Tower Assembly & Disassembly Tool
Price: $209.95


Assemble & Disassemble

Rohn Tower Sections


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Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 10 lb

RohnJack G Series Tower Assembly & Disassembly Tool

  • ROHNJACK allows for easy removal and assembly of ROHN Tower Sections
  • Designed to fit 20, 25G, 45G, and 55G ROHN Tower Sections (Leg alignment tool will not fit 55G, but it will assemble and disassemble sections)
  • Can be used to: Assemble Tower Sections, Disassemble Tower Sections, and Align Tower Legs
  • See full production description for more details.

ROHN's new ROHN Tower Jacks are THE must-have tool for owners and installers of ROHN towers. 

These indispensable tools address the minor alignment issues that the tower installer may face. You may use ROHN tower jacks to apply leverage to pull stubborn sections together or to disengage stuck sections. They feature a hook for hanging on the section cross brace during use and a loop for attachment of a rope or quick link. ROHN tower jacks will also allow the installer to apply safe and consistent pressure to nudge section legs into alignment for easy mating.

ROHN Tower Jacks work on ROHN 20, 25G, and 45G to restore your ROHN tower sections to stackable condition. Their Safety and Instruction Manual (see the Documentation link) walks you through the use of this great new tool and gives examples of how you can use it to do your ROHN tower work more efficiently. If you've ever tried to install or take down even "gently used" towers, then you know they don't always want to cooperate.  Trust No Substitutes. Buy ROHN. Buy American.