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Structured Cable 2 x RG6 Quad + 2 x CAT5E CMR

Structured Cable 2 x RG6 Quad + 2 x CAT5E CMR
Price: $229.95

Pull 4 cables at one time!
2 RG6/U plus 2 CAT5e
RG6 Quad Shield
Sweep Tested to 3 GHz
350 MHz Bandwidth
Sequential foot marking
CM/CL2 rated PVC jacket
Sequential foot marking

Availability: Ships out in 1 -2 days!
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 89 lb
VC 294-2170 Composite (2) RG6 Quad Shield + (2) CAT5E CMR Structured Cable
500 Feet of In-Wall CMR rated, RoHS Compliant Structured Cable with 2 Coaxial and 2 Network Cables in One White Integral Jacket for Cable Television (CATV), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Satellite, Home Networks, Telephone, Fax, High Speed Internet, HDTV, Automation Applications, Video Distribution and Power Limited Circuit Cable for General Purpose Applications. The RG6 is 3 GHz swept 18 AWG CCS with Quad Shield, and the CAT5E is 350 MHz 24 AWG UTP Solid Copper of 4 Pairs, all bundled in a White PVC CMR Jacket. Perfect for Residential and Commercial use where Multiple Connection Outlets are desired.