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ROHN R-CPC.5/.75 Anchor Rod Ground Clamp

ROHN R-CPC.5/.75 Anchor Rod Ground Clamp
Price: $22.95


For Ground Connection to:
Tower Down Guy Anchor Rods
Electroplated Tinned Bronze
Fits Conductors #6 Solid-250 MCM
Quick Connect Bi-Directional Design
UL Listed
Acceptable for Direct Burial

Availability: Ships in 1 to 3 Days
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 1 lb

ROHN CPC.5/.75 Guy Anchor Rod Ground Clamp
Used for Ground Connection to ROHN Tower down guy concrete Anchor Rods (0.375 to 1.00 inch actual OD range). Lug connects the 7/16 6x25 EIP IWRC RRL wire rope utilized in REV. G Grounding Kits (not included)...
Harger CPC Pipe Ground Clamps compare to Burndy GAR


Made to connect to the Rod Section components of a ROHN Tower Down Guy Anchor as these Rods are within the nominal OD range above. This Clamp will also connect the Solid/Stranded Copper or Woven Rope Ground Wire lead to the Ground Rod on the other end, completing your Grounding (Lightning Protection) System. Typically, 3 (or multiples thereof) of these Clamps are used per Tower Installation as most Systems will dictate that a separate Ground Connection be made to all three Tower Down Guy Anchors. AGK1GGX Grounding Kits do not come with this component unless included in a Complete ROHN Guyed Tower Kit.


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