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ROHN TUF TUG Journeyman Climbing Harness R-TTFBH-2D

ROHN TUF TUG Journeyman Climbing Harness R-TTFBH-2D
Price: $325.00


 Climbing Harness

4 "D" Rings

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Weight: 10 lb

ROHN TTFBH-2D TUF TUG Journeyman Climbing Harness with 4 "D" Rings

For use with Vertical Fall Arrest Protection System such as the TT-WG-500 made for 3/8 Inch Diameter Solid Core Wire Rope and Automatically Travels with User. Conforms to OSHA Specifications and ANSI recommendations. Per Rev. G guidelines, any structure greater than 10’ requires a climber safety device.


This Tower Climbing Harness is economical yet fully featured. Trust No Substitutes. Buy ROHN. Buy American.



This has become the New Standard of Wireless Internet, Utility Line Telemetry, Business Radio, E911 and Local Area Broadcast Communications Tower due to its compact footprint versus height requirements and wind loading. any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device