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EZ46-3PO Pitch Pad Moisture Barrier Kit

EZ46-3PO Pitch Pad Moisture Barrier Kit
Price: $1.90


(3) 3 x 1.5" Pitch Pads
Professional Grade

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Shipping: Can ship Canada
Weight: 0.3 lb

EZ 46-3PO Pitch Pad Kit
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
Comes with (3) Pitch Pads (3 inches by 1.5 inches) Professional Grade Supplied by the Manufacturer. Place these Pads between the Mounting Screw Tabs and the Wall (or other mounting surface) as to Pierce the Pad with the Mounting Screw as it Penetrates the Wall Surface, Compressing the Pad between the Tab and the Wall as it Tightens for Weather-Proof Bracket Mounting to Exterior Surfaces.

Use this kit with any HD TV Antenna Mast Wall Mount, Tripod or Roof Mount to securely affix the Mount or Bracket to the mounting surface with the Pitch Pad Moisture Penetration barrier to preserve the integrity of the wall or mounting surface.