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618 Telescopic Antenna Mast Down Guy Wire

618 Telescopic Antenna Mast Down Guy Wire
Price: $10.95


50 foot sections
Order up to 1000'
6 Strand 18 AWG
Perfect for Mast Down Guy
Made in the USA!

Availability: Ships in 1 to 3 Days
Shipping: Can ship Canada
Weight: 2.5 lb

618 Telescopic Antenna Mast Down Guy Wire
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
50 foot Loops of Heavy Duty Pre-Galvanized 6 Strand, 18 Gauge Guy Wire. Perfect for Guying Down All Telescopic and Heavy Duty Antenna Mast Load Applications. Multiple 50 foot Units Ordered can Come in Contiguous Footage up to 1000 feet.




When Selecting Guy Wire for use in Guying Antenna Masts, Consider the Height, Antenna Size and Wind Loading being presented. This Stranded (6 Strands of 18 Gauge wire) Guy Wire is Just fine for All Telescopic Antenna Mast Guying Scenarios of Any Height and Wind Load Applications. Make Sure that the Anchor Points are just as Heavy Duty as this Stranded Guy Wire!