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Protective Rubber Mat Layer for Non-Penetrating Peak Roof Mount

Manufacturer CodePRM-MAT
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28 x 42 Inches
Protects Peak Roof
Rubber Mat


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 PRM-MAT Non-Penetrating Peak Roof Mount Rubber Protective Mat

A Protective Layer between the Roof Surface and the Non-Penetrating Peak Roof Mount before Installation. This 3/32 thick Pad measures roughly 28" wide by 42 inches long, trims neatly, place underneath Frame of Non-Penetrating peak roof mount, laid directly upon the roof surface to protect the roof from marring and gouging from the bottom of the Base of the Non-Penetrating Mount steel rail components.


This Non-Penetrating Mount Protective Rubber Mat layer installs under the Steel Framework of the Non-Penetrating Satellite Dish Roof Mount and the Ballast that would keep the Mount and Antenna on target with minimal deviation and flex. As with all Ballast mounts, Structural Engineering consultations are recommended for all Roof Applications.
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Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Mats, Pads & Accessories

Our collection of non penetrating roof mount mats, pads and accessories. Where you can find great products designed specifically to protect your roof by using a protective weather proof foam pad placed underneath your non-pen mount. In addition to protection we also have adapters and extra hardware if you ever need it.