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RG59 Siamese CCTV Messengered Coaxial + 18AWG/2C Power Wire Black 1000'

Manufacturer Code107-2179/MESG
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs

1000' Siamese Construction
18 AWG 2 Count power wire
95% Copper Clad Aluminum Braid
Great external EMI and RFI protection
Solid Bare Copper (SBC) Center Conductor
PVC Messengered

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107-2179/MESG 1000' RG59 CCTV Messengered Siamese Cable 95% Shield + 18AWG/2C Power Black

RG59 Siamese with Messenger , is the choice for CCTV installations. Make your installations easier by carrying video signal and power to your equipment.


Power Wire Included

The cable features an 18 AWG power cable siamesed to the outside of the coax.


The 95% Copper Clad Aluminum Braid protects the Video signal from external EMI and RFI. Same Solid Bare Copper (SBC) Center Conductor, but Pay less with 95% Copper Clad Aluminum Braided shield. The outside of the cable uses PVC with added UV inhibitors. for great overall performance. This wire is also messengered for easy pole to pole, building to building aerial installation.

Cable Management

This cable comes on a quality wooden 1000' spool and has convenient footage markings on the cable, making installation a snap.

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