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RG6 Dual Coaxial Cable Copper Clad Steel 500 Feet

Manufacturer CodeSKL1281B
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18 AWG Copper Clad Steel
60% Aluminum Braid
100% Aluminum Foil
3Ghz swept-tested
500 FT

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500 FT Copper Clad Steel RG6 Dual Coaxial Cable

Our Skyline™ coaxial cables provide both versatility and the best quality. This Copper Clad Steel cable gives you durability and cost-efficiency, which is great for your installs and your budget. 1000ft of this professional grade RG6 Coaxial Cable is included in a long-lasting and dependable box.

Product Details

  • 18 awg Copper Clad Steel
  • 60% Aluminum braid
  • 100% Aluminum foil
  • Temperature rating -20°C
  • Velocity of Propagation 83%
  • Professional Grade
  • Digital and analog applications
  • DBS, CATV, Off-Air, & VSAT
  • Swept-tested to 3GHz
  • Footage marked
  • U/V Inhibitor
  • 500ft Reel-in Box
  • Color Black
NoteSolid Copper Center Conductor - is the choice for Satellite TV installations. Make your installations easier by carrying RF and the power to your equipment integrally with the same cable. The Economical 60% Aluminum Braid protects the Video signal from external EMI and RFI.
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