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ROHN 65G Complete 220 Foot 90 MPH Guyed Tower 65G90R220

Manufacturer Code65G90R220
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Hot Dip Galvanized
Double Bolted Joints
Zig-Zag Rod Bracing
1.90" Steel Tubing
Side Rails
24-1/4" Equalateral
Triangular Design
Can be used in:
Guyed Config

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ROHN 65G Complete 220 Foot 90 MPH (REV. G) Guyed Tower

This Product Order Supplies the Following BOM (Less Foundation and Installation) in accordance for Use as a 220 Foot ROHN 65G Tower with EPA's (Effective Projected Area) Ratings for 90 MPH (REV. G). Refer to Larger Image for EPA Information.



1 65G 10' Tower Section
10 6520G 20' Tower Section
11 65JBK Bolt Kit for 65G Tower Section
1 APL4HA Leg Mounted Beacon Plate
1 65TGH Tapered Base Section
4 GA65GD Guy Wire Bracket
875 FT 5/16" Guy Wire (aka ROHN 142265)
750 FT 1/4" Guy Wire 
1,250 FT 3/16" Guy Wire
12 PLP-115 Yellow Plastic Guard for Guy Wire
6 BG2146 5/16" Big Grip Pre-Formed Deadends
6 BG2144 1/4" Big Grip Pre-Formed Deadends
12 BG2142 3/16" Big Grip Pre-Formed Deadends
6 7/16THH 7/16" Thimble
6 3/8THH 3/8" Thimble
12 5/16THH 5/16" Thimble
12 5/8TBE&J 5/8" x 12" Turnbuckle - Eye-to-Jaw
3 TBSAFETY Turnbuckle Safety Wire and Clamps Kit
3 GAC5655TOP Anchor Rod with 5 Hole Equalizer Plate

Anchor Rod Ground Kit

This Kit Includes:

(3) 15' of 7/16 EIP IWRC RRL

(3) 5/8" x 10' Galvanized Ground Rod (aka 6260)

(3) 3/4" Clamp No. 8034 WB (aka 340016)

(3) CPC.5/.75 - Anchor Rod Clamp


Tower Base Section Grounding Kit

This Kit Includes:

(1) 15' of 7/16 EIP IWRC RRL

(1) 5/8" x 10' Copper Clad Ground Rod

(1) 3/4" Clamp Ground Rod Clamp

(1) CPC1.5/.2 - Anchor Rod Clamp

3 CPC1/1.25 Anchor Rod Clamp
1 15/16x16PP Pier Pin Insert for 65G Tapered Base



This 65G Tower is to be used in a Guyed Configuration according to Specifications in the ROHN Catalog. As a Guyed Structure, a 90 MPH rated Tower can rise to a maximum of 500 feet. Refer to ROHN catalog for Foundation and Grounding Detail Information. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section at Bottom of Page for more ROHN 65G Tower Details.


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