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Rohn- 3/16-1/2 Guy Wire Ground Clamp 438ALC

Manufacturer Code340028
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3/16-1/2 Guy Wire Ground Clamp 


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Rohn 3/16-1/2 Guy Wire Ground Clamp 438ALC 

  • Used to make an electrical connection between ground wire and messenger or guy strands ,Up to 2/0 AWG ground wire , Up to 7/16" strand size ,Constructed of aluminum...



This is a REV. F Down Guy Grounding Kit. This differs from REV. G as REV. F bonds to the Guy Wires themselves directly, as opposed to the REV. G kit that grounds via the anchor rod.





This Down Guy Anchor Rod Grounding Kit is included in each ROHN Tower Complete REV.F Guyed Tower Kit. This Kit needs Guy Wire Clamps chosen by the guy wire size used on your Tower, select Clamps by Guy Wire size below.




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