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ROHN EP25345 5 Hole Equalizer Plate Assembly for Concrete Down Guy Anchor Rod

Manufacturer CodeEP25345
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
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Hot Dip Galvanized
Kit comes with Plates, Bolts and Nuts
For attachment to GAR30 or Equiv.
5-way Guy Equalizer Plate

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ROHN EP25345 5 Hole Equalizer Plate Attachment Kit
Attaches to GAR30 Standard Concrete Anchor Block or Equivalent for ROHN 25G 45G 55G 65G Tower 5 Level Down Guy Attachment. This 5-way Equalizer Plate attachment kit is for distributing Tower Down Guy Anchor Attachment amongst several Down Guys. This Particular Configuration of Equalizer Plate uses the Eye to Eye Turnbuckles (ie R-3/8TBE&E, R-1/2TBE&E). Comes with Plates, Bolts and Nuts, required to attach the Turnbuckles and Anchor Rod (Sold Separately). The Use of this Anchor and Others is Specified in the ROHN Buyer's Guide for Individual Tower Model Numbers based on Height and Wind Load Ratings. The ROHN 25G 45G 55G 65G Tower can be used in guyed, self-supporting or bracketed configurations according to specifications in the ROHN catalog. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section below for ROHN Tower Details.

spec. sheet

Spec. Sheet

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Use this Equalizer Plate Kit to supplement your Down Guy Concrete Anchor Rod installation with a 5-way Down Guy Wire Equalizer Plate Assembly. Install the Guy Brackets at Heights indicated by the ROHN Catalog (Link above) as per REV. G or REV. F Wind Load Ratings, Space and Install in the Concrete Anchor Rods in Anchor Blocks as Specified for the Particular Height and Wind Load Application by Model Number. Trust No Substitutes. Buy ROHN. Buy American.
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Tower Guy Wire Tension Guide

The recommended initial tension in guy wires is 10% of their ultimate tensile strength. There are two different grades of steel used for good guy line (clothes line does not count), HS (high strength) and EHS (extra high strength). The Rohn manual gives the following info on 3/16 and 1/4 in cable.