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ROHN RSL 100 Foot Tube Brace Tower Kit RSL100L10

Manufacturer CodeRSL100L10
AvailabilityUsually ships in 1 week
ShippingCan ship anywhere

  • Available in heights from 20' up to 100'
  • U-shaped legs allows for simple lap splice connection
  • Available in standard and heavy models
  • Pre-punched holes for attachment of safety climb
  • systems, mounting kits, etc.
  • Braces for each section are the same length, while
  • bolt lengths are standard throughout the tower
  • Tower material is hot-dip galvanized
  • Assembly drawings provided with tower
  • Top closing Tube standard with each tower package

Bulk Quantities Available Here!

ROHN RSL100L10 RSL 100 Foot Tube Brace Tower Kit


RSL 100' Light Weight Self-Support Tubular Brace Tower Kit  , U-Shaped High Strength Angle Legs , Hot-Dipped Galvanized  , is designed for use in Wireless Broadband , public Safety & Security applications .The RSL is shipped knocked down to reduce shipping cost and time .


CLASS I Structure / Exposure Cat B / Topo Cat 1 (See More Info)


This Kit Includes:

Sections-    1-10

Top Kit-       RSLH1A

Bolt Kits-    10

RSB10 Short Base ( Optional )

RAL10 Anchor Base ( Optional


Assembly Guide 


Optional Accessories are available and may be ordered separately:



Site-specific designs are available upon request




*Per Rev G requirements, any structure greater than 10', requires a climber safety device.

Self-Supporting Towers are limited in Height due to the nature of Antenna and Ice loads versus the Cantilever Nature Of Wind against them, offset by the weight of the Foundation and the cohesiveness of the soil to prevent the chance of tower tip over, as well as the strength of the tower members to withstand these Forces against them.ROHN Tower Kits are designed based on assumptions made regarding Wind Speed, EPA (Antenna Load), Height, Standard Soil Conditions, Surrounding Environment and Duty. The Pre-packaged Kits contain the parts called for based on this Stock Design. The Stock Design of these Kits does not account for the Variations of Historic Windspeed, Number of Antenna(e) Loading at Specific Height(s), Soil Engineering recommendations, Adjacent Structures, Communications Purpose, or Geo-Political Rules, Laws and Codes That will be Applicable to Your Project. It is Recommended that you take the time to engage an local Engineer that has the expertise and available Information necessary to evaluate the Stock design for Applicability, fill out this form and send it to


Specification Sheet
buyers guide
specification sheet
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ROHN RSL Tube Braced Class I
ROHN RSL Tube Braced Class I

The tabulated allowable effective projected areas (EPA) are limited to a maximum recommended value of 80 (ft2). EPA values shown as " - " indicate tower kit is not applicable for the corresponding wind speed. Site-specific designs are available upon request.


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