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Rohn Universal One Legged Mount

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Off-Air Antenna Mount
Hardware Included

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Rohn R-1LG Universal One Legged Mount

The Universal One-Legged Mount (1LG) may be the one and only mount that can be installed on any part of any building. This mount is designed for many types of antennas – home, TV, MMDS, DBS and more. The mount has a 1-1/4” O.D. mounting pipe and includes (4) 1/4” dia. x 2” long lag screws for installation. The mount is galvanized for corrosion protection and goes together quickly. The mount is easily shipped via UPS.





Slots provide for Carriage Bolt separation distances from 1 and 7/8 to 2 and 3/8 for Universal Bolt-on adaptation of this HD TV Antenna Mast to existing DirecTV  and Others Satellite Dish Mount!




Dishes & Antennas larger and up to 24 inches in Diameter or width would require substantial bracing or additional bracketing to withstand the windload created by such large antenna and still keep aim.

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Eave & J Mounts For Antenna Mast Pipe

The first key to any reception is to get above obstructions that exist between you and your target, as radio frequency reception of any kind (satellite, microwave, Radio and TV) are for the most part "Line-of-Sight" dependant. The fact that some receptions occur without line of sight is due to phenomenon not applicable in this discussion. As you increase your target distance, you increase the territory you must account for in maintaining line-of-sight. What tall building and air traffic exist in this corridor, no one can account for. Aircraft are very good at messing up reception for a number of reasons, even when flying way above the path, again removed for clarity in this discussion. Height, is therefore key in optimizing your ability to capture the best line-of-sight possible to your target.

The Roof of any Building of Home provides a Logical Platform of Height in which Line-of-Sight is more likely to occur, or from which, more height can easily be obtained. These Mounts are Quality made by Manufacturers with a History in the Field of Proven Success and Longevity. Whether you are planning to Install your Antenna and Mount to the Roof Peak, Gable, Vent Pipe, Chimney or Pitch, Please plan your installation to Minimize the Structural and Asthetic Impact to your House or Building, research and follow all applicable Local Building Codes and annex the appropriate Structural Engineering Assistance when utilizing Non-Penetrating Mounts with Concrete Cinder Block Ballast on any Flat or Pitched Roof.

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