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Tower Mounts & Lighting

                   Tower Antenna, Dish Mounts and Lighting



3 Star carries all types of Tower and  Dish mounts for Cellular, Broadband, HDTV, Business Band, Wireless Internet, SCADA and any Antennas requiring a Mounting Pipe. American Steel... , Buy American.



Low Intensity Obstruction Lighting are lights used to visually mark obstacles and obstructions. These lights are necessary in providing a clear visual indicator and in preventing collisions in poor visibility conditions or at night.


  • Airport Buildings
  • Towers
  • Power Substations
  • Communication Masts
  • Weather Masts
  • High Buildings
  • Chimneies
  • Tower Cranes
  • Bridges
  • Radio and Television Towers
  • Transmission Line
  • Wind Turbines