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40 Ft Aluminum Heavy Duty Tower Kit HD 35-40

Manufacturer CodeHD35-40
Top Cap:
AvailabilityCustom made to order Item Drop Ships 5 to 7 weeks from Manufacturer
ShippingCan ship Canada


Alumnium Heavy Duty Kit


Height - 40'

Wind Loading : 34.50 Sq. Ft.



Bulk Quantities Available Here!

HD 35-40  Universal Free Standing Heavy Duty 40 Ft Tower Kit


Aluminum free standing Heavy Duty 40' tower kit , kits are made with straight and tapered sections for a sef-supporting tower for a safe maximum antenna wind loading at specific heights .Universal towers are made with rugged , heavy wall alumnium tubing legs and welded S-Bracing made of high quality alumnium for strength as well as light weight .



B-30        -    Base Anchor ( Optional )

RFM-30        -    Flat Roof Mount ( Optional )

30-TAPR -   Tapered Section

26-TAPR -   Tapered Section

22-TAPR -   Tapered Section

18-TOP    -   Top Section  

Bolt Kits




Packages typically include a mast collar for a 1-1/4 in. OD mast with a welded bearing mount top plate . Design for Rohn TB-3 / TB-4 & Universal UV-TB158 & UV-TB2316 thrust bearing, sold separately. Packages are available with other mast collar sizes( Select Optional Pipe Collar Size on Checkout  ) ,  and without bearing top plate are available by request.. A variety of optional Rotator Plates are also available. Chose yours to fit the top section of the tower package selected; R-11, R-14 or R-18. Each is available undrilled or predrilled for popular rotator models. Universal Towers Aluminum Masts in various lengths and sizes are available as well.


Also Available -Tower Assembly Top Beacon Plate used for Mounting Beacon Lighting ,Meteorological test antennas , Cameras , WIFI Antennas .Universal BP-11  Assembly Plate Top Beacon Plate fits on top of 11-TOP , 14-TOP & 18-TOP  on the regular  Main Tower Sections . Hardware to Bolt to  Main Section is Included, absent is the Beacon Mounting Hardware which should be sourced with the Beacon itself

Buyers Guide
Foundation Installation
Section Installation
Specification Sheet
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Universal Towers Packaged Tower Kits

Universal Towers Aluminum Tower Packaged kits are engineered antenna support systems using predetermined straight and tapered 10 ft. sections for a self-supporting tower with a safe maximum antenna wind load rating at a specified height.


Tapered towers minimize space and weight while maintaining high strength and high wind load ratings in a completely free standing structure that is durable and reliable. Featuring rugged, heavy-wall aluminum tubing legs and welded S-bracing made of high-quality aluminum for excellent strength as well as light weight. Each welded truss section is fully assembled, finished and supplied with the required hardware for easy installation. These free standing towers can raise large antennas into the open air easily with a concrete anchored hinged base.


Choose a Standard Duty or Heavy Duty Universal Tower Package to ensure the best reliability for your TV Antenna , WIFI , Radio and antennas that fit your need .


Universal Towers Packaged Tower Kits provide self-supporting and work where guyed towers cannot. Universal's freestanding aluminum towers have no unsightly guy wires - Lightweight aluminum construction provides a lightweight, rust-free & easy to assemble tower. Universal towers can be utilized for Radio & Broadcasting. Packages are selected by wind load rating to a desired height .


Before ordering your tower there are a few things that need to be determined:


First the projected area of the antenna that you intend to mount (this figure is often located in the literature that comes with the antenna or on the antenna manufacturers website). Here are some common examples


  • Standard T.V. antennas are about two square feet in area.
  • 6 & 10 meter beams and large T.V. antennas utilize 5 square feet
  • 20 & 40 meter beams utilize 9 square feet
  • large 20 & 40 meter beams or multiple antenna arrays utilize 18, 22, & 26 Square feet.

Second determine is any accessories are being used. Note when using a rotator add 1 square foot plus an additional square foot for mast to whichever size antenna you intend to use.


Third choose the right Universal Tower for you application. our model numbers are simply the wind load rating followed by the tower height. For example, if your antenna calculation resulted in a tower designed for 5 square feet of wind load and you wish to be 50 foot tall, the model number you would choose would be a 5-50.


Universal Tower Section

Universal Towers Tower Sections are engineered for maximum strength and reliability and made with superior materials and craftsmanship. These are the individual aluminum tower sections that are used for the packages which have specifically designated heights and wind loads. They are made as top, tapered or straight models, and are available here for use as replacements. They are not intended for random selection, and should be used only as designated by Universal Towers in their specifically engineered packages

Universal Tower Accessories

Packages typically include a mast collar for a 2 in. OD mast with a welded bearing mount top plate specially drilled Trust bearing Model: 1 5/8" SC 4-B & Model: 2 1/16" SC 4-B, sold separately. Packages with other mast collar sizes and without bearing top plate are available by request. A variety of optional Rotator Plates are also available. Chose yours to fit the top section of the tower package selected; R-11, R-14 or R-18. Each is available undrilled or predrilled for popular rotator models. Universal Towers Aluminum Masts in various lengths and sizes are available . Roof mounts are available .

How to install a Universal tower base?

When installing one of our bases it is important to make sure you have the base submerged in the concrete to the proper depth. When digging the hole we have specific depths depending on the base you are installing for instance the B-18 base requires a hole to be 3’ x 3’ x 4’ deep. This being said you will want to measure from the bottom of the base leg up 4’ and put a line with a marker and that is how far the concrete should be poured too. If the base has a 5’ deep hole then you will want to measure up 5’ on the base. This is also true if the base requires a 6’ deep hole then you would measure up 6’. It is important to understand that where ever there is a weld on the base it should not be seen above the concrete as the concrete helps to support the base from long term metal fatigue.

What type of concrete is required?

The minimum strength concrete should be 3000 psi. This is a mass foundation so its main purpose is it acts as a counter weight for the tower.

What should you do about the openings in the base legs?

We recommend filling the base leg openings that are in the concrete with play sand. You should fill it up just about an inch shy of the top and then cap it with silicone caulk to cap it off. This will keep any water from getting down the tube.

Please contact us or send us an email to if you have any questions or need help in determining the best options for your tower needs. Universal Towers also provides quality services from engineering & custom design for customer.

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