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Concrete Base J Bolt 5/8 x 12 inch

Manufacturer Code5/8X12BB
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship anywhere


Hot Dip Galvanized
Double Nuts Provided
Concrete Pier Placement
5/8 inch Diameter
12 inches Long
Can be used in 
Guyed & Bracketed Config

Bulk Quantities Available Here!

5/8X12BB J Bolt for Mounting Tower Base Plate on Concrete Pier

for inclusion in Concrete Pier Pouring. The BPH45G Six (6), and the 25gssb uses Four (4) of these 5/8 x 12 inch "J" Bolts (one Bolt per Order). Seek Engineering notes in Spec. Sheets. Suspend bolts in concrete pour by means of template or jig. Pre-engineered guyed, self-supporting and bracketed tower kit heights depend on loading and are specified in the ROHN catalog.




All ROHN Tower Installations should be temporarily Guyed during erection or Take-Down.



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