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EZ TM-50-5U Telescopic Antenna Push Up TV & Wireless Internet Antenna Mast

Manufacturer Code3S TM-50-5U
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship only within USA


Use As Guyed
   or Bracketed
Guy Rings Rotate
Five Guy Holes/ Ring
Masts have hardware
20 Feet 0 inches

5' Shipping Length








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3 Star Inc. EZ TM-50-5U 20 Foot Telescoping Mast 5 Foot Shipping Length

Made in the USA!Made in the USA!

5 section 16 gauge inner, 18 gauge outers, Mast collapses down to 61 inches in length that with overlapping, extended mast length is 20'-10", Used for Mounting Off-Air TV, Ham Radio, MMDS and Wireless Internet Antennas (not included)...


Mast Section Dimensions are:
(1) 60"  length x 1.25" O.D. (16 AWG)
(2) 59"  length x 1.50" O.D. (18 AWG)
(3) 56"  length x 1.75" O.D. (18 AWG)
(4) 53"  length x 2.00" O.D. (18 AWG)
(5) 50"  length x 2.25" O.D. (18 AWG)

All  Masts are pre-galvanized for corrosion protection and comes assembled with hardware .




This Item Ships UPS Brown!




Installation Guidelines:

  1. Installation or dismantling of telescoping masts require professional contractors experienced with guyed masts.
  2. All installations must be bracketed or guyed.
  3. The pictured guy wire kit layouts are for a typical installation. Individual installation requirements may vary.
  4. Antenna load (top load) should not exceed an effective projected area (EPA) of 2 square feet (see your antenna specifications).
Installation Sheet

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Chuck (Guest)
This is exactly what I needed. Plus shipping was very reasonable. I mounted my antenna in one afternoon by myself using just a couple of wall brackets.

Professional Grade Telescopic Push Up Poles for Digital TV, Wifi Antenna & Weather Sensors.

We stock the highest quality telescopic masts made from 18 and 16 AWG galvanized steel right here in the USA. These push up poles are suitable for tons of applications where a fast an simple extension is needed. They have been used for everything from digital TV antenna applications to wireless communications to weather stations and even IoT Sensors. The masts can be used retracted or fully extended and anywhere in between. They can be supported and mounted against a structure, mounted on a roof or even guyed in the middle of a field. Our reliable and durable telescopic poles come in heights of 20, 30, 35, 40 and 50 FT and all have a engineered thumbscrew/collar system for setting height.


These telescoping masts are not recommended for commercial, CB or beam antenna installations.

Antenna load (top load ) should not exceed an effective projected area ( EPA ) of 2 square feet ( see your antenna specifications

Looking for just a simple mast pipe? View our similar antenna mast poles for lengths ranging from 5 FT to 10 FT and our variety of telescopic mast mounts to complete your next installation.