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HOLLAND LA-520 20 db Gain Wide-Band In-Line Amplifier

HOLLAND LA-520 20 db Gain Wide-Band In-Line Amplifier
Price: $11.95

Line Powered
Low Noise Figure
Optional Power Inserter
Hermetically Sealed
Outdoor Rated

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Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 0.25 lb
Holland LA-520 HDTV DTV Digital Off Air CATV + Satellite Amplifier 50 to 2050 MHz

Our most versatile 20 dB Gain In-line amplifier with wideband capabilites from 50 to 2050 MHz. Can be used for amplifying Off-Air TV or Cable TV Signals in addition to Satellite Signals that may be mixed together or any of those by themselves. If used for Cable TV and Antenna, Block passing power with the VBC Product below. Counter excessive Cable and Splitter losses.. Sealed F ports, an RFI and hermetically sealed back plate make the LA amplifiers environmentally rugged. Power requirements are 12 - 18VDC @ 50 mA which can be Line powered by existing voltage or through the use of an optional Power Supply (such as the PS 10).


An Unbelievable amount of Gain and Bandwidth in such a small package. If you need an Amplifier to Overcome some loss in excess cable distances or splitters with your Satellite TV plus HD TV Antenna or Cable TV Distribution System (that you have all mixed together for distribution in your system), you can install this Amplifier In-line, anywhere! Using the Power already present between the Satellite Dish (LNB's) and the Receiver, or install the PS 10 Power Supply (separate Item) to feed power from where it's convenient, through the RG6 or RG11 Coaxial Cable, to the LA-520... Install this Amplifier Inside or Out, in the middle of a cable run, or just about anywhere that power (DC from Power Supply, refer to "Spec. Sheet") is present. What's nice about an Indoor/Outdoor In-Line amplifier is you can put it in anywhere, and move it to anywhere else later! Just use a Barrel Connector (F-81) to reconnect the cables together in absence of the Amplifier you removed.
This amplifier can operate off of the existing line voltage that is present on the cable line feed from the Satellite Dish LNB(F) and the Satellite Receiver, as it also passes the power through.
If your Satellite Head-end or Multiple Dish / Receiver scenario doesn't make DC line voltage available, the PS-10 Power Supply (separate item) can be coupled in circuit to feed DC power to the Amplifier.
Also, if you need to block the DC voltage from passing on either side of the Amplifier, use the VBC (Voltage Blocking Coupler, separate item) to block the DC voltage from passing to other devices and prevent damaging them!
The Slim Profile of this and Similar In-Line Amplifiers is due to the absence of any Return band capability. Return Capability necessitates the use of Diplex filters and additional amplifier stages. The use of Return band (2-way communication) is usually reserved for Cable TV Converters and Modems. For those uses, please refer to Amplifiers that state such capability, as Off-Air TV and Satellite IF Band Signals between the Dish LNB(F)'s and their Receivers typically do not need this option.
Compare to TERK BIA 20, Eagle Aspen SA-2050 and Phillips SDW5005O

Specification Sheet