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50 Foot Telescopic Antenna Mast 3 Way Down Guy Wire Kit

50 Foot Telescopic Antenna Mast 3 Way Down Guy Wire Kit
Price: $282.00

Guy Wire618 $40.00; 620 Coated $20.00; 620 Galvan
Base MountBase Ground Mount; EZ 32C $11.00; EZ TS50 $54.00; No Base Mount (-$13.00)
Anchors48" Screw Anchor; 30" Screw Anchor (-$10.00)
MastEZ TM-50-U-95 Telescopic Antenna Push Up TV & Wireless Internet Antenna Mast - UPS Shippable

6 Strand/ 20GA Wire
48 inch Steel Anchors
"Gripple" Guy Wire Grips
Mounts not included
Down Guy Kit for:
   ROHN H50 and Channel Master 1650, 1850

Availability: Ships in 1 to 3 Days
Shipping: Can ship Canada
Weight: 52 lb

H503WAYGUY Telescopic Antenna Mast Down Guy Wire and Anchor Kit is designed to Securely 3-Way Guy at 5 levels your ROHN H50 and Channel Master 1650, 1850, Telescopic Masts ( Not Included with Kit OPTIONAL  ) . Choose Guy wire gauge and Anchor size.


This Kit includes:

QTY Description
1000 Feet of 6 Strand 20 GA Wire
3 48" long by 1/2" DIA Screw Anchor with 3" Helix
15 GRIPPLE Wire Rope Grips to Dead-end and Adjust Down Guy Wire
45 1/8" HDG Cable Clamps

 Base Ground Mount


This 3-way Down Guy Wire and Anchor Kit for 50 Foot Telescopic Push Up Antenna Masts includes the Accessories needed to Securely affix a Ground Based Telescopic Mast at the 5 levels of Guy Rings supplied with the Mast for this purpose. This Kit does not include nor take into consideration any Base mount accessories or Alternate Base Structure such as a Roof nor the modification of guying necessary due to Structure Bracketing. As with all Masts, Guy wire support and Grounding are Critical to Antenna Survival.
Telescopic Antenna Mast Down Guy Kits included here are comprised of;
Guy Wire selection:
620-6 stranded 20 AWG wire or;
618-6 stranded 18 AWG wire
Guy Anchor selection:
30 inch length with 3" Disk or;
48 inch length with 6" Disk
Guy Wire Clamps
Guy Wire Gripples

Reference the Telescopic Mast Buyer's Guide by Height to build or supplement your Telescopic Antenna Mast installation. 3-way Down Guy Kits are typically used for Ground based installations and 4-way Down Guy Kits are typically used for Roof based installations. Installations that are combination or hybrid and utilize substitution or additional structural components should be forwarded to and engaged by a Engineer qualified to make such determinations.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet:
Install Sheet: