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Rohn RSL Anchor Bolt Base Section 6

Manufacturer CodeRAL06
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Section 6

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RAL06 Anchor Base Bolt  for RSL Section 06

The RSL RAL06 is an anchor base for Rohn RSL tower section 6 . Anchor Base option includes : full-size template, anchor bolt lower template, leg stubs & anchors. Base design uses double lower nuts to allow for leveling. Required concrete footing size is 8'-6" x 8' -6"x 4'4" ( 11.6 cu. yds. of concrete.).



The suitability of a ROHN standard RSL tower kit and standard foundation for a specic application must be veried by the purchaser based on site-specic data in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-222-G Standard. All users are solely responsible for the installation, use, maintenance, inspection and other work and the compliance with all local, state and federal requirements

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Foundation RSL Tower Base Selection Guide

Rohn RSL Tower Foundation Information and References

These drawings show the two base mounting anchoring systems that are available for you to choose from. Based on your needs you will need to select the type of base you'll be using during the purchasing of one of our complete tower kits.

Use the following drawing and chart chart to help you select the proper short base or anchor base parts.





Foundation Short Base / Anchor Base Selection Chart



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