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Rohn 45G Tower Parts Specifications and Parts Information

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Rohn 45G Parts List & Installation Guides

The 45G Guyed Tower is a true multi-use tower that provides excellent strength for applications up to 300 feet. The 45G Guyed Tower is offered with heavy steel tube legs to satisfy a wide variety of needs under various conditions. The 45GSR offers the same dimensions with solid leg design for heavy duty applications. The 45GSR is available in 10' and 20' sections. ROHN 45G Tower Sections are constructed with high strength steel tubing and feature

  • Rohns exclusive Zig-Zag solid rodbracing to provide exceptional strength with double bolted joints which are proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability.
  • All ROHN 45G Towers are hot dip galvanized after fabrication. In this process, each section of the tower is totally immersed in molten zinc, allowing every square inch of the tower, inside and out, to be completely covered. Hot dip galvanizing protects all points of welding and construction against rust and corrosion while providing an attractive finish.

Since there are various other Manufacturers of Towers and Tower accessories that copy the ROHN Tower design, if you are not sure of the manufacturer of your Tower, you can at least compare the actual measurements and design of yours to those found in the spec. sheets in the ROHN catalog section via the Link provided above to assure yourself that additional sections or parts will fit. We cannot make that determination for you as the ROHN clones are something we don't carry or otherwise represent in our Product line.

Most Restrictions Allow for 40 feet of Height without the Necessity of Guy Wires, Anchors or Braces. However, No Tower is self supporting during construction! Always use temporary guys on the top most section, and install permanent guy wires as soon as a guy point height is reached.

Below, you will find PDF documents, assembly drawings and Images all grouped by Tower Type. We Stock and Sell everything you need to complete your project. Including full Rohn 45G Tower Kits and one off parts. All this delivered right to your install site.













45G Part Specification Sheets & Rohn 45G Buyers Guides


These guides and specification sheets are found on every products specifications tab. We have organized them here alphabetically by manufacture part number/code. These documents should answer most of the questions you may have on the Rohn 45G product line



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