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Rohn RSL Tower Side Arm Mount RSLM-3SA

Manufacturer CodeRSLM-3SA
AvailabilityShips in 1 to 3 Days


RSLM-3SA Side Arm Mount
3' clear distance out Side Arm Mount using 1.90" O.D. x 0.145" wall x 8' horizontal connecting pipes and a 2.38" O.D. x 0.154" wall x 5' mounting pipe.




This has become the New Standard of Wireless Internet, Utility Line Telemetry, Business Radio, E911 and Local Area Broadcast Communications Tower due to its compact footprint versus height requirements and wind loading. any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device

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The total weight of all antennas and mounts associated with the tabulated EPA values is assumed to equal 500 pounds for the no-ice condition and 1000 pounds for the extreme ice condition.The tabulated EPA values assume the associated antennas and appurtenances are symmetrically mounted unless otherwise noted. Eccentric loading may increase member forces and may require a reduction of the tabulated EPA values. Mounting arrangements are assumed to be appropriate for the supporting members utilized. Contact ROHN if assistance is needed in determining the adequacy of a specic RSL tower kit for site-specic loading conditions


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