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The ROHN RSL is a light weight self-supporting tower designed for use in broadband, public safety and security applications. The RSL reaches above line-of-site obstacles such as tree tops, hilly terrain and buildings. The RSL is shipped knocked down to reduce shipping cost and time.



o Available in heights from 20´ up to 100´
o U-shaped legs allows for simple lap splice connection
o Available in standard and heavy models
o Pre-punched holes for attachment of safety climb systems, mounting kits, etc.
o Braces for each section are the same length, while bolt lengths are standard throughout the tower
o Tower material is hot-dip galvanized
o Assembly drawings provided with tower
o Top closing angle standard with each tower package


Optional items are available and may be ordered separately:

o Step Bolts
o Safety Climbing System*
o Top Post
o Anti-Climb Brackets
o Multiple Mounting Kits
o Grounding kit
o Top Plate
o Accessory Shelf
o Waveguide Brackets
o Lightning Rod

*Per Rev G requirements, any structure greater than 10´ requires a climber safety device.


Ordering Information

1. Foundation bases must be ordered separately.

2. All accessories must be ordered separately including step bolt kits, safety climb systems, climbing harness with slider, grounding kits, lightning rods, top plate, top mast, mounting kits, W/G brackets, anti-climb assemblies, etc.

3. ROHN standard RSL tower kits are supplied with lock washers as nut locking devices. Pal nuts (P), anco nuts (A) and tri-loc nuts (T) are alternative nut locking devices that may be obtained by adding the indicated suffix to the standard RSL tower kit Part Number. (Note: nut locking devices are required in accordance with ANSI/TIA-222-G.) Example: RSL100L10A for Anco Nuts.

4. All three tower legs in each section have provision to install step bolts and a safety climb system. When step bolts are desired, one step bolt kit must be ordered for each section of the tower. Increase the number of step bolt kits accordingly when step bolts are desired on more than one tower leg of a section.


Design Notes

1. The suitability of a ROHN standard RSL tower kit and standard foundation for a specic application must be veried by the purchaser based on site-specic data in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-222-G Standard. All users are solely responsible for the installation, use, maintenance, inspection and other work and the compliance with all local, state and federal requirements.

2. The allowable E-ective Projected Areas (EPA) tabulated for the standard RSL tower kits represent the summation of the projected areas of all antennas, mounts and accessories multiplied by appropriate drag factors. The tabulated EPA values are in addition to the loading from a 3/8 inch diameter safety cable assumed to be mounted to each standard tower. The tabulated EPA values are for a no-ice condition. For design purposes, the tabulated EPA values have been increased 75% when investigating extreme ice loading conditions.

3. The tabulated EPA values apply to towers located on sites with level grade (ANSI/TIA-222-G Topographic Category 1). Lower EPA values than tabulated would apply for roof mounted towers or for towers located on sites with unusual terrain. Contact ROHN for site-specic design limitations.

4. The RSL standard designs are based on one 1/2 inch transmission line for each 10 square feet of EPA up to a maximum of 6 lines unless otherwise noted. All lines are assumed to be symmetrically mounted on the tower faces adjacent to a leg.

5. The total weight of all antennas and mounts associated with the tabulated EPA values is assumed to equal 500 pounds for the no-ice condition and 1000 pounds for the extreme ice condition.

6. The tabulated EPA values assume the associated antennas and appurtenances are symmetrically mounted unless otherwise noted. Eccentric loading may increase member forces and may require a reduction of the tabulated EPA values. Mounting arrangements are assumed to be appropriate for the supporting members utilized. Contact ROHN if assistance is needed in determining the adequacy of a specic RSL tower kit for site-specic loading conditions.

7. The RSL standard top mast is designed to support a maximum EPA of 5 square feet with 100 pounds vertical load. Other optional top mounts are available upon request. All other loading is assumed to be mounted to the tower below the top mast.

8. The standard RSL tower kits that include dish loading criteria meet ANSI/TIA-222-G twist and sway requirements for a 6 GHz dish frequency. All dishes are assumed to be face mounted. Contact ROHN for assistance with higher frequency or other mounting arrangement applications.