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RSL Tower Sections

RSL Tower Legs & Sections

The ROHN RSL is a light weight self-supporting tower designed for use in broadband, public safety and security applications. The RSL reaches above line-of-site obstacles such as tree tops, hilly terrain and buildings. The RSL is shipped knocked down to reduce shipping cost and time.

All three tower legs in each section have provision to install step bolts and a safety climb system. When step bolts are desired, one step bolt kit must be ordered for each section of the tower. Increase the number of step bolt kits accordingly when step bolts are desired on more than one tower leg of a section.


U-shaped legs allows for simple lap splice connection .Available in standard and heavy models. Pre-punched holes for attachment of safety climb systems, mounting kits, etc. Braces for each section are the same length, while bolt lengths are standard throughout the tower . Tower material is hot-dip galvanized

This has become the New Standard of Wireless Internet, Utility Line Telemetry, Business Radio, E911 and Local Area Broadcast Communications Tower due to its compact footprint versus height requirements and wind loading. any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device