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VH-002 Add on holder for VH-001

Manufacturer CodeVH-002
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* Allows a second device
   (DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver, digital cable box)
   to be attached to the VH-001
* Black powder coat finish

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Video Mount Products VH-002 Add on holder for VH-001
Allows for Tandem Mounting Additional DVD Players, Satellite Receives, VCR or DVR to VH-001. Be sure to Account for Total Weight in Bearing Capacity for the Particular Mount utilized.

Installation Sheet 

Installation Sheet

Cut Sheet

Cut Sheet

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Flexibility and Convenience. In today's environment, whether for personal or professional use, you want to be able to free up premium floor and furniture space. Getting a large flat panel up on the wall, or hung from the ceiling to accommodate the need for additional speakers and electronics is a must. Video Mount Products' complete line of flat panel display mounts provide the solution for even the largest plasma and LCD screens, while never sacrificing great looks and allowing for multiple viewing angles. VMP's flat panel mounts are designed for a variety of applications, including the residential, educational, and professional markets. Whether in the living room, bedroom, classroom, or boardroom, VMP flat panel wall and ceiling mounts are the answer to today's multiple application necessities!

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