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2 Foot Roof Mount Tripod with Antenna Mast

Manufacturer Code6045
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship Canada


28" x 1.66" Pipe OPTIONAL
Universal Mast Clamp
Front Facing Feet
Pre-Galvanized 1-25" OD Pipe

18 AWG Steel
Versatile Mounting Options:
   DirecTV Slimline
   Wild Blue
   HDTV Off-Air

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3S-6045 2 Foot Roof Mount Tripod for Antenna Mast

Tripod TV Antenna Mast Mount holds mast up to 2.00 inch OD pipe and is made of 1.25" O.D. - 18 Gauge Tubing  . Universal mast clamp and has installer friendly forward facing feet . Can be Customized for Off-Air Antenna or DirecTV and Wild Blue Satellite Dish . A 28" x 1.66" O.D. Pipe is OPTIONAL  with the appropriate Mast Pipe. (Pitch Pad Kit, Mounting Hardware Not Included)





Typical rafter spacings are 16 inches center to center and pre-built trusses are 24 inches center to center. Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel 3 ft. Antenna Tripod can Permanently mount an antenna or satellite dish on the peak of a roof, or almost anywhere!

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Tripod Antenna Mast Mounts

Tripod mounts offer fast, easy installation for one person. The legs adjust to any rafter spacing. Available in a range of sizes, tripods are shipped completely assembled with no loose parts so they can be quickly installed at your location.

Better reception, neat appearance with high quality self-supporting antenna mounts that eliminate signal distortion caused by inferior materials

Unmatched strength, durability and corrosion protection with heavy gauge,high quality, tubular steel uprights featuring the Sun-Coat process. This special triple-coating of zinc, chromate and polymer gives a smooth, shiny finish.

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