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20 Foot Telescopic Antenna Mast 3 Way Down Guy Wire Kit

Manufacturer CodeH203WAYGUY
Guy Wire:
Anchors: View
Base Plate: View
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ShippingCan ship Canada


6 Strand/ 20GA Wire
30 inch Steel Anchors
"Gripple" Guy Wire Grip
Mounts not included
Down Guy Kit for:
   ROHN H20 , EasyUp TM20 

   Channel Master 1620, 1820


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3 Star Inc H203WAYGUY Telescopic Mast Down Guy Wire and Anchor Kit

This kit is designed to secure a 3-Way Guy at 2 levels for your 20 Foot Telescopic Mast.


Works with the following Telescopic Masts:

ROHN - H20

Easy Up - EZ TM-20, EZ TM-20-U-95

Channel Master - 1620, 1820


This Kit Includes the Following: Table (1) – Complete Kit List


20 Foot 3-Way Guy Wire & Anchor Kit




200 FT

EZ 60 A

6 Strand 20 Gauge Guy Wire


EZ 30

30” by 1/2” DIA Screw Anchor w/ 3” Helix



Gripple for 20 and 18 Gauge Guy Wire – 1/8”

Grips to Dead-End and Adjustment of Guy Wire



1/8” Hot-Dipped Galvanized Cable Clamp


EZ 32

Standard Baseplate

  • 9” Sq. Plate
  • with Pier Pin


The OPTIONS for this Kit Includes the Following: Table (2) – Options List


OPTIONS – Guy Wire

200 FT

EZ 60

6 Strand 20 Gauge Plastic Coated Guy Wire

200 FT


6 Strand 18 Gauge Guy Wire

OPTIONS – Screw Anchors


EZ 48

48” by 5/8” DIA Screw Anchor w/ 6” Helix

OPTIONS – Baseplates


EZ 32C

Heavy-Duty Baseplate

  • 9” Sq. Plate w/ 6 inch Collar
  • Includes Pier Pin


EZ TS-50

Free Standing, Heavy-Duty Ground Mount

  • 9” Sq. Plate
  • 18” Steel Tube welded (Above)
  • 18 ¾” Rod welded (Below)
  • Holds up to 2 ¼” DIA Mast
  • Includes (2) Set Screws

OPTIONS – Telescopic Mast


EZ TM-20-U-95

Telescopic Mast

  • 15’ Fully Extended
  • UPS Shippable





General Information

This 3-Way Guy Wire and Anchor Kit for 20 Foot Telescopic Push Up Antenna Masts.

Includes the accessories needed to SECURELY affix a Ground Based Telescopic Mast at the 2 levels of Guy Rings. (Guy Rings supplied on mast)

The standard Baseplate given is soley used for GROUND Installations.

(This Baseplate does not give, include, or take into consideration of any/alternate modifications; this includes Roof, bracketing, etc)


As with all masts, Guy Wire Support and Grounding are CRITICAL to Antenna Survival.

This Guy Wire Setup can be used with Easy Up, ROHN, and CHANNEL MASTER Telescopic Mast.





General Down Guy Wire Kit Setup Information

  1. Telescopic Mast
  2. Guy Wire

EZ 60A - 6 Strand 20 Gauge Wire

EZ 60 - 6 Strand 20 Gauge Wire (Plastic Coated)

EZ 618 - 6 Strand 18 Gauge Wire

  1. Screw Anchor

EZ 30 - 30” Anchor with 3” Helix Disk

EZ 48 - 48” Anchor with 6” Helix Disk

  1. 1/8CCF - 1/8” Guy Wire Clamps (Can be used for 18 & 20 Gauge Guy Wire)
  2. 61820GRPL - Gripple Dead-Ends Adjustable Tensioners
  3. Base Plate

EZ 32 - Standard Baseplate (No Collar)

EZ 32A - Heavy-Duty Baseplate w/ 2 inch collar

EZ 32C - Heavy-Duty Baseplate w/ 6 inch collar

EZ TS-50 - Free-Standing Ground Mount






Reference the Telescopic Mast ROHN Buyer’s Guide by Height to build or supplement your Telescopic Antenna Mast installation.

3-Way Down Guy Wire Kits are typically used for Ground-Based installations.

4-Way Down Guy Kits are typically used for Roof-Based installations.

Installations that are combination or hybrid and utilize substitution or addiotional structural components should be forwarded to and engaged by an Engineer qualified to make such decisions.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet:
Instal Sheet:
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Remember those older AM/FM Portable Radios with the antenna that you extended by pulling it out? Or the Radio Antennas on older cars that would pop-out, extend and retract when you turned on the radio? This Mast isn't an Antenna, but it extends and retracts by hand in similar fashion. Available in 20', 30', 40' and 50' heights. All ROHN telescoping masts are pre-galvanized and come assembled with hardware. Erection is made by simply connecting guys and brackets to the attached unique heavy duty rolled edge guy rings and clamps, extend each section one at a time (starting with the innermost section), insert the locking cotter pins, rotating the tubes to a locked position, and tightening the clamps. Repeat the process on each successive section until fully erect.

The unique ROHN Products design features interior tube flanging combined with a double crimped exterior tube to produce a stronger and more stable joint than most common masts. This design exclusive also prevents the sections from accidentally pulling apart and allows disassembly by pulling each section out through the lower end.
Each section extends deeper in to the lower tubes than most other designs, adding still further to the stability of the structure.

H Series
This heavy duty series uses 1-1/4" 16 gauge galvanized tubing for top section. All other sections are 18 gauge.

1. Secure base and anchors (sold separately).
2. Attach lowered mast to base.
3. Secure guy lines to the lower Guy Ring and attach to anchors. Align the mast vertically by tightening the Guy Lines.
4. Secure upper Guy Ring using the appropriate Mast Clamp to desired location on the upper Tube (see note 8 on page 10).
5. Secure appropriate length guy lines to the upper Guy Ring and let them hang.
6. Raise the upper Tube and inset the cotter pin. Make sure that the cotter pin is inside the notch in the inside tube.
7. Secure the cotter pin and tighten the mast clamp.
8. Secure appropriate length guy lines to the next highest Guy Ring, and let them hang.
9. Raise the next smallest Tube and insert the cotter pin. Make sure that the cotter pin is inside the notch in the inside tube.
10. Secure the cotter pin and tighten the mast clamp.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 until all sections have been raised and are secured.
12. Attach all hanging Guy Lines to their respective anchor. Align the mast vertically by tightening the Guy Lines. Make sure to work your way up the mast while tightening.

ROHN Telescoping Masts

ROHN H-Series Masts

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This Buyers Guide has will answer many questions you may have on this Product Line. For more detailed information and Specification Sheets covering many aspects of Various Parts, Accessories and Installation Scenarios... Please refer to the "Telescopic Mast" Link appearing in the Footer of this Page Below!

Telescoping Masts are not recommended for commercial, CB or beam antenna installations.

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