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Antenna Crossover Plate Kit

Manufacturer CodeC-MT
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs


Zinc Plated

For Pipes 1.00" to 2.00"

Hardware Incl.


Made in the USA!
Made in the USA!

Bulk Quantities Available Here!

C-MT Crossover Mounting Plate Kit for Antennas 


The Crossover Mounting plate , U-Bolt style  consists of a Pre-Galvanized square Plate and all clamping hardware required for mounting of Antennas ( Wifi , TV Antennas , Direct TV , Dish Network ) the antennas are usually attached to tower legs , masts , Railings ( Balcony ,Roof Tops ). The U-Bolt style Crossover mounting plate  mounts pipe size 1.00" to 2.00" horizontal or vertical to each other . Each Kit includes one (1) plate and four (4) U-Bolt Assemblies.

Features & Specification

Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

Pre-Galvanized Mounting Plate

Plate Dimensions 5" x 7"

U-Bolts Round Bend - 2  -  5/16" x 2 " Wide x 4 1/2" Long

                                  - 2  -  1/4" x 2 " Wide x 3" Long

Washers   - 8

Kept Nuts - 8  ( 4 - 1/4" & 4 - 5/16" )

Maximum Tubing Size: 2.00 ". Outside Diameter

Specification Sheet
Min Pole Size
Max Pole Size
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The Pole to Pole & Crossover mounts are designed to support most WiFi , PCS, Cellular, and TV antennas. The Pole to Pole Mounts allows you to vary the mounting pipe length and diameter, 

All of our mounts are weather protected using either a HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) or a Pre-Galvanization finishing process for corrosion protection.

The pole to pole mounts allow you to connect one pole or mast to an adjacent pole or mast of the same or of varying diameter. 

You can increase the amount of strength and holding power by utilizing multiple mounts space out over the length of the mounting pipe. There are many reasons you might need to use these mounts and they mostly involve the need to attach a pole to another pole to either extend the original or simply as an attachment point. 

All of our pole to pole mounts can easily be shipped UPS.

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