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ASKA 4-Way Vertical Splitter 5-1000 MHz. -W- Ground

Manufacturer CodeTGV-41G
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Bandwidth  5-1000MHz

Insertion      -6dB max.

Isolation      -25dB min

Return Loss -20dB min

Epoxy of Rear cover

130dB RFI shield.

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ASKA TGV-41G 4-Way Horz. Splitter 5-1000 MHz. with Ground.
No DC power passing design with vertical input and outputs allow close mounting in lock boxes for easy access of cable connections. Chromate treated zinc alloy housing for best corrosion protection Tongue & Groove housing for better RFI shielding. Printed circuit board ensures consistent RF performance and high port to port isolation. F-ports with machine threaded spaced 1 inch center to center to accommodate security sleeve and tools with heavy duty ground blocks ensures proper grounding. Four Equal Output (-7.0 db, -8.0 db max) for length independant Installations.
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4-Way Splitters are typically the Part you would use to take One (1) cable Feed and "Split" it into Four (4) in order to Provide Signal to 4 Independant Devices, or Three More Cables to complete the Run(s) to their Final Destination(s). Please be Sure to Select the Appropriate Splitter not just By Manufacturer and Price. But Rather, Consider the Specifics of Bandwidth, Packaging (Indoor vs. Outdoor), Loss, Powering Requirements Up/Down-Stream and the Overall Needs of the Final System You Wish to Create...

If you are adding a splitter to an existing Cable TV or Antenna feed, you may need to compensate for the loss that you are about to introduce. The gain of a Line Amplifier should be selected to zero out the loss that follows it. In other words, if you have fifty feet of cable and a two-way splitter, then a 10 db amplifier will be fine. Conversely, if you have an eight-way splitter and hundreds of feet of cable, you will need an amplifier with a higher gain. Just as in the case of a Pre-Amplifier, however, bigger is not always better.

Commensurate with Coaxial Cable TV Antenna Splitter Installation, you want to Ground your Cable TV or HDTV Antenna Coaxial Cable System Outside before bringing the TV Cable Inside. This way, Lightning Strikes and Power Surges have an opportunity to arrest before reaching your TV and Entertainment Electronics. The Integral Grounding Block designed onto every Outdoor Use Compatible RF Signal Splitter we sell will effectively convey this unwanted Electrical Energy to a Ground Rod via a Copper Ground Wire that you Install (not included). Consult your Local Building Code and NEC for guidance to Properly Grounding your HD TV Antenna, Cable TV, WI-FI, Wireless Internet, Business Band, CB or Amateur Radio Antenna Installation.

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