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Banana Plug Speaker Connectors Open Screw Type

Manufacturer CodeCON3053BP
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship Canada

High Quality Gold Plated Banana Plugs
Can accept bare wire, banana plugs or spades
Can accept 18 to 12AWG speaker wire
Color coded Black/Red rings for proper polarity

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3 Star CON3053BP Banana Plug Speaker Connectors Closed Screw
These Banana plug speaker connectors offer excellent sound quality for today's audio and home theater applications. Used primarily for speaker connections, but can also accept wire other Banana Plugs or spade connectors. They can secure speaker cable from 18 to 12awg with binding post connections.

  • High Quality Gold Plated Banana Plugs 
  • Can accept bare wire, Banana Plugs or spades connectors
  • Can accept 18 to 12AWG speaker wire
  • Color coded Black/Red rings for proper polarity
  • Secure, positive contact with binding posts
  • Corrosion resistant, 24K gold finish
  • Copper body construction and ferromangenese tips
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    Speaker wire performance is gauged by Resistance, Capacitance, and Inductance. The shorter a wire is, the better, as resistance increases with length. As long as the resistance is kept to less than 5% of the speaker impedance, it will suffice for home use. The resistance of speaker connection cable in 16-gauge or heavier wire has no detectable effect in runs of 50 feet or less in most loudspeaker connections. The lower the impedance of the speaker, the greater the impact of the resistance of the speaker wire will have. High power car audio systems using 2 ohm speaker circuits need relatively thick cables. The gauge sizes in AWG (American wire gauge) reduce as the wire gets larger. Thicker wires in a cable reduce resistance. Better purification of copper reduces oxidation and results in more consistent conductivity throughout the length of cable used.

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