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Cable TV & Antenna Signal Splitters & Combiners

Transmission & Distribution Passives

This Category of Passives provides the means to inter-connect all the "F" Connectorized RG Cables used for Transmission and Distribution lines in Your Commercial or Home System to Feed End-Use Subscriber Equipment like Receivers, TV's and DVR's. Each of these Components Introduces a Loss of Signal (Sometimes Non-linear) and Like the Cable Utilized, these Losses need to be Accounted and Compensated for.


Splitters are obviously needed to turn one cable from your antenna into as many feeds as you need for Multiple TV locations and sets, but nothing is free... There is no such thing as a splitter without loss. If you split a signal into two, then half goes one way and half goes another. Actual loss is not linear when measured in dB, and if you had good signal before, one two-way splitter shouldn´t impact that, unless you were just above threshold. If you wish to connect more than two TV sets, you may want to consider the addition of an amplifier to your system to zero the loss out. The Most Common Interference and Picture Loss Problems are as a Result of Introducing Splitters to Feed more Outlets and not Compensating for the Losses!

"Splitters" can also be used as combiners equally as well, exhibiting the same loss over frequency characteristics. If you desired to get stations from two or more different directions, you could install and aim two or even three antennas and combine the outputs back onto one cable, amplify and distribute the signals around the house like a Mini-Cable TV System!

Grounding Your Antenna / Cable TV System

Commensurate with Coaxial Cable TV Antenna Splitter Installation, you want to Ground your Cable TV or HDTV Antenna Coaxial Cable System Outside before bringing the TV Cable Inside. This way, Lightning Strikes and Power Surges have an opportunity to arrest before reaching your TV and Entertainment Electronics. The Integral Grounding Block designed onto every Outdoor Use Compatible RF Signal Splitter we sell will effectively convey this unwanted Electrical Energy to a Ground Rod via a Copper Ground Wire that you Install (not included).

Consult your Local Building Code and NEC for guidance to Properly Grounding your HD TV Antenna, Cable TV, WI-FI, Wireless Internet, Business Band, CB or Amateur Radio Antenna Installation.