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HDMI Cables, Splitters, Switches & Extenders

HDMI Extenders, Switchers and Splitters

HDMI & Extenders, Switchers and Splitters are designed to carry Digital-only Signals from source to display. Along with the Video, Digital Audio is transmitted over the HDMI Cable, making it a versatile alternative to DVI.

HDMI Splitters

Use an HDMI splitter to send multiple HDMI signals to other HDMI displays, inputs or HDTV's.

A Multiple number of Displays/Inputs can be connected by Daisy-chaining Multiple Splitters together to create a larger number of Distribution Outputs (Inputs to Other Devices). These HDMI Splitters support both HDMI Audio and HDMI Video signals within the HDMI signal and are fully HDCP Compliant.

The HDMI Splitter is connected using a HDMI cable from the HDMI source to the HDMI splitter input. Then you connect 2 or more HDMI cables from the HDMI splitter output to you HDMI equipped HDTV or other device.

Share your

  • HDMI Set-top Converter
  • DVD players
  • Video Game Stations
  • and Computers with your Hi Def HDTV monitor
  • These Switches pass HDMI 1.3 Digital and Audio Signals and HDCP data through the HDMI ports. HDMI is Backwards Compatible with DVI-D when the Appropriate Cables and/or Adaptors are Used Keeping Your System Up to Date.

    HDMI Extenders

    Effortlessly extend the reach of your HDMI or DVI cable link up to 165 feet between the source and projector monitor that is causing your video to drop out . HDMI is backward compatible with DVI with use of adapters. The compact HDMI CAT5E CAT6 Extender automatically equalizes and compensates for HDMI/ DVI cables losses and extends cable reach to Remote Units through the use of Easily Installed or Existing Cat5e or Cat6 cables with modest Power consumption.

    Some HDMI Cables Have built in Extenders that are powered directly from the cable without an external power supply, and is ideal for projection theater systems.