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LRC F11QS RG-11 Cable F Connector

For PVC Jackets
One Piece Connector
.470 Crimp Size
Constructed of 360 Brass
Cadmium Plated Chromate Finish
Corrosion Resistant
Excellent Shield Integrity
Cable retention exceeds 40 lb.
Manufacturer CodeF11QS
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ShippingCan ship anywhere
LRC F11QS Hex Crimp F Connectors for RG11 Coaxial Cable
(1 each/unit) For Quad-shield RG-11 coaxial cable uses a .470 Standard Diameter Hex Crimp seal. For PVC Jackets in Aerial or Underground Use. Constructed of 360 Brass with a Cadmium Plated Clear Chromate Finish for Maximim Corrosion Resistance. Excellent Shield Connection in Coverage and Integrity.

NoteThis connector is a modern manufacture of an old design. We started using this design 30 years ago, and we still use it today. Though the Manufacturer rates it for Quad-Shield, we have used them on Tri-Shield and 60% Coaxial Cable as well with no difficulties.
Specification Sheet

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RG-11 Cable Connector

The most Popular Connector Series from Manufacturers like PCT, PPC, F-Conn, Thomas and Betts, Holland Electronics, Apica and Digicon offered in Legacy Hex Crimp styles as well as the Newer Radial Compression formats. Be Sure and match Connectors to their respective Crimping Tools by Manufacturer Spec. Sheet for Hex Diameter size or Compression length. Coaxial Cable Connectors should be weather protected in outdoor use, and some connectors provide extra moisture migration protection when compared to others. Though the economics of Old school Hex Crimp connectors and Tools may be attractive at first, over the long haul, compression connectors offer greater Shield Connection integrity, Bandwidth, Interference Rejection and Impedance matching when compared to their Hex Crimp counterparts. Whenever possible, upgrade Coaxial Cable, Connectors, Splitters and Amplifiers to ensure compliance to the latest specifications and formats.

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LRC F11QS RG-11 Cable F Connector

LRC F11QS Hex Crimp RG-11 Coaxial Cable F Connector
LRC F11QS Hex Crimp F Connectors for RG11 Coaxial Cable
(1 each/unit) For use on Quad-Shield Coaxial cable, another Excellent Economic Solution for Drop Distribution Systems of all Bandwidthes when only a few are needed. They spec a .470 Hex Crimper Tool, a .472 works as well...