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RG11 60% and Tri-Shield Cable Hex Crimp F Connector

Manufacturer CodeF11-460
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship Canada

Hex compression
Secure termination
Holland 11 Series
Use any .472 Hex Tool

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HOLLAND Electronics F11-460 RG11 Coax Integral Ring Hex Crimp F Connector
(1 each/unit) For use on 60% Braid and Tri-Shield Coaxial cable, Nickel Plated and an Excellent Economic Solution for Drop Distribution Systems of all Bandwidthes when only a few are needed. Hex Crimper Tools (.472) are cheap and plentiful.
Can Use Any.472 Hex Crimp Tool. (see Spec. Sheet)

NoteThis connector is a modern manufacture of an old design. We started using this design 30 years ago, and we still use it today. Though the Manufacturer rates it for 60% Braid and Tri-Shield, we have used them on Quad-Shield Coaxial Cable as well; with no difficulties.
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