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RG11 Quad Shield Cable Hex Crimp F Connector F11-480

Manufacturer CodeF11-480
Stock Level: 0
ShippingCan ship Canada


Hex compression
Secure termination
Holland 11 Series
Use any .472 Hex Tool

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HOLLAND Electronics F11-480 Integral Hex Crimp F Connectors for RG11
(1 each/unit) For use on Quad-Shield Braid Coaxial cable, Nickel Plated and an Excellent Economic Solution for Drop Distribution Systems of all Bandwidthes when only a few are needed. Hex Crimper Tools (.472) are cheap and plentiful.
Can Use Any.472 Hex Crimp Tool (see Spec. Sheet)




This connector is a modern manufacture of an old design. We started using this design 30 years ago, and we still use it today. Though the Manufacturer rates it for Quad, we have used them on 90 and 95% Braid Shield Coaxial Cable as well; with no difficulties.

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