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RG6 Plenum Coaxial Cable 60% CCS 3 GHz 1000 Feet Digital

Manufacturer Code107-2316/P/WH
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RG6 60% Shield
18AWG Copper Clad Steel Conductor
Plenum Rated Jacket
Impedance: 75 OHM
Swept tested at 3GHz
Sequential Foot Markers

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VC 107-2316/P/WH 1000' Reel RG6 60% Shield 3 GHz Plenum Coaxial Cable
Plenum cable is made of Fire Retardant Materials, will not burn easily nor emit toxic fumes when exposed to extreme heat. Because of these requirements, Plenum cable is more expensive than non-Plenum cable and Should be used to State and Local Building Codes. Only there will you find what They consider to be Plenum spaces. This Cable is a little more Economical as it has a Standard 60% Braided Shield as opposed to more Expensive Quad Shield. Consisting of 18 AWG Copper Covered Steel Center Conductor with Bonded Foil over Dialectric with 60% Braid, encased in a White Plenum Low Smoke PVC Jacket. Professional Grade Plenum Rated Jacket RG6 60% Shield cable is ideal for distributing signals from roof antenna, cable TV and satellite TV. Our cable is swept tested at 3GHz to ensure high performance. UL Listed. With its low smoke Plenum Jacket (CMP), it can be installed in air plenums and ducts in accordance with NEC Article 800.
Plenum (CMP Rated)
Plenum is a hidden space within a building which is used for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)...

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Tri-Shield RG6 will have 77% Braided Aluminum Shield Coverage Between 2 Layers of Aluminum Foil Shield, the 1st Foil Layer being Bonded to the Foam Dialectric. This an economical advantage to Quad Shield. Tri-Shield of the same material composition when compared Quad Shield will register the same signal Loss, with nearly the same Interference rejection qualities, at a minimum of cost increase as compared to regular 60% Braided Shield Coaxial Cable of the same material composition. The difference in flexibility as compared to Quad Shield is the mitigating factor for most installers as the chases and Wall-Plate spaces provided do not afford the luxury of the greater minimum bending radius needed when installing Quad Shield Cables.